[EURO-Discuss] List of nominations for Belgrade GA

Avri Doria avri at ltu.se
Fri May 27 15:58:13 UTC 2011


Again, without comment on the current set of candidates or even the process on how they got to be candidates, this sounds like a really good idea.


On 27 May 2011, at 11:16, Christopher Wilkinson wrote:

> In this respect, for future reference, I would recommend that EURALO  
> elections be conducted by a neutral election committee supported by  
> the ICANN staff.
> I would also recommend that candidates be nominated and seconded  
> individually by member ALS's. Since EURALO wants to have larger  
> numbers of ALS ("outreach") and greater participation from within  
> member ALS ("inreach"), then I suggest that we could begin right here.  
> Contrariwise, if the whole "ticket" is nominated internally, I can  
> think of no better way of turning off the potential interest of  
> newcomers. (And we need them, many.)
> Finally, I would turn to our individual members. At this stage in the  
> development of EURALO, I suggest that our individual members enjoy  
> neither the representativity nor the mandate to act as officers of  
> EURALO. Those individual members who wish to exercise a mandate in At  
> Large - and thankfully there are some - should give priority to  
> creating their corresponding ALS's, as provided for in the amended  
> EURALO Statutes. Otherwise, yet again, EURALO and ALAC lay themselves  
> open to the characterisation of a self-perpetuating group of ICANN  
> insiders. None of us want that.

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