[EURO-Discuss] Public Comment: Community Input Requested on Academia Representation on NomCom

Christopher Wilkinson cw at christopherwilkinson.eu
Thu May 19 06:44:44 UTC 2011

Dear Bill:

Thankyou for your comment. (Confirming that the message has in fact  
got through to everyone.) You are the first!

Indeed I was leaning towards the regional academic research networks  
because they have an institutional existence (although we need some  
research to identify them world wide)
and because that community still has some traction in ICANN.

I would of course take advice from the List if we want a broader  
definition, but I would discourage a definition that was -s-o- broad  
that it could be assimilated into just another ALAC seat, in which  
case the answer might be NO.

Regards to you all,


On 19 May 2011, at 07:42, William Drake wrote:

> Hi Chris
> On May 17, 2011, at 10:28 PM, Christopher Wilkinson wrote:
>> Also, the wide range and large numbers of academic Internet
>> technologists and users, world-wide, should retain a fully justified
>> and historically well-earned role within the ICANN community.
> Agree it would be good to save the slot, but a question:
>> 	-	priority would be given to accomplished and recognised people from
>> the regional research/university networks, world-wide (e.g. Educause,
>> Terena, and their colleagues in other regions.)
> This is a rather narrow construction of "academic" users, the other  
> 99% of whom also are impacted by ICANN decisions etc…?
> Thanks,
> Bill
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