[EURO-Discuss] WG: RE: EURALO GA planning in Belgrade - logistical questions

Wolf Ludwig wolf.ludwig at comunica-ch.net
Mon May 9 14:02:54 UTC 2011

Dear all,

we are progressing with our planning for the next Belgrade GA end of May.

And the precise meeting time was confirmed by Vlada (the local organizer) 
now: On Sunday 18:00-20:00, EURALO General Assembly (GA), 
at the Sava conference Center.

The options for remote participation has still to be sorted out with the persons 
in charge -- and we will confirm this at a later stage.

Some of the EURALOers coming to Belgrade for the EuroDIG and our GA have 
suggested to group our members in the same hotel. According to the advice of 
Vlada, I have checked suitable / modest accommodation options and would like 
to suggest the cheapest one in the Center of Belgrade which is the 

* Palace Hotel for 59.--  Euros the night/single room -- see:

Your Online reservation can be made via the following link:

To make sure that we can stay all at the same place, please care for your 
reservation ASAP.

Thanks and kind regards,

Vladimir Radunovic wrote Sun, 8 May 2011 20:48:
>Sunday 18-20h for EuRALO meeting sounds good. At that time we should already
>have the VIP room available with roundtable for some 20pax, so that should
>work. At that time we will certainly be at the venue to work on tech and
>other things.
>Re. remote, I am not currently sure on this. If you will need only the
>internet connection and you would manage everything else, this should be
>possible. If you would need a more complex thing, such as webex, I would
>suggest you liaise with Bernard on that; then we might see to set up this
>firstly for you on Sunday and then move to other rooms.
>Re. accommodation, best is if you all agree to book the same hotel.
>Continental is next to the venue, is not as expensive as Hyatt but there are
>cheaper hotels in the city centre, such as Prag, Palace or Excelsior. All of
>them are decent, so you might decide based on price. All are listed on
>www.eurodig.rs and you may book online.
>Let me know what else you might need.
>	Vlada
Wolf Ludwig wrote 6. maj 2011 15:20
>> Dear Vlada,
>> here is a copy of my updates and questions regarding the EURALO GA in
>> Belgrade.
>> Thanks and kind regards,
>> Wolf
>> Wolf Ludwig wrote Thu, 07 Apr 2011 18:25:
>> >Dear Vlada,
>> >
>> >as discussed before, EURALO progressed in the planning for its next
>> General Assembly (GA) in line with the EuroDIG in Belgrade. I discussed
>> with our members about suitable time slots to convene our GA without
>> conflicting with the official program. The two options I was asking for
>> were either on Sunday late afternoon / at the eve of EuroDIG or
>> immediately afterwards on Tuesday afternoon. The majority of potential
>> participants preferred option A on Sunday 29 May. We now need to fix a
>> suitable time slot for it.
>> >
>> >I guess, that you and some people from the local organizing team will be
>> at the conference venue (Sava Center) on Sunday afternoon or early evening
>> already for some last technical preparations. Do you think that a timing
>> for our GA from 18:00 to 20:00 PM would be feasible or would you prefer an
>> earlier option from 17:00 to 19:00 PM?
>> >
>> >From the member feedback we got so far we know that we can approximately
>> count on around 10 members who will come to the EuroDIG and joining our
>> GA. Therefore we can manage with a smaller meeting room.
>> >
>> >Another important question is remote participation - as many members
>> won't have the means to come to Belgrade. As remote participation will be
>> provided for most of the EuroDIG sessions, I guess there will be technical
>> installations in place on Sunday PM already? Can we use such facilities
>> for our GA as well? Otherwise, we need to organize other solutions with
>> ICANN's At-Large Staff what would be more difficult and limited for remote
>> participants.
>> >
>> >For reasons of socialising, some members asked already for hotel
>> capacities or if it would be possible to "group" EURALO members in the
>> same hotel? Do you think this might be feasible as well? I guess that the
>> Hyatt Regency and the Hotel Continental in the immediate vicinity oft he
>> Sava Center will be probably too expensive for smaller volunteer budgets?
>> >
>> >Thanks for any considerations and suggestions from your side and any
>> support you and the local organizing team can provide for the conduct of
>> our GA. See you soon and
>> >
>> >kind regards,
>> >Wolf
>> >

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