[EURO-Discuss] Public Comment: Community Input Requested on Academia Representation on NomCom

Christopher Wilkinson cw at christopherwilkinson.eu
Mon May 2 17:46:01 UTC 2011

Good afternoon:

May I draw your attention to the consultation about the ICANN  
Nominating Committee, below:

> http://www.icann.org/en/announcements/announcement-30apr11-en.htm

Indeed it is not evident how the ICANN Board could identify a single  
entity and a single individual to represent the global academic  
community world wide.
(I recall that the seat was filled for a time, in the past, by  
<educause.edu>, although I may be mistaken. )
Consequently, I have some sympathy with the proposed amendment.

The proposed text is:

<<Deleted: c. An entity designated by the Board to
represent academic and similar organizations;>>

However, the real question is how this newly vacant seat on NomCom  
will be re-allocated, or not. The original intention expressed in the  
ByLaws was that the academic user community world wide (there are  
quite a lot of them) would have a voice and a vote in this context.

 From the At Large point of view, deletion of this seat will  
intrinsically shift the balance of opinion and votes in the NomCom  
away from the user interest, albeit not radically on this occasion.
Accordingly, I would suggest that an appropriate re-allocation of the  
vacant seat be undertaken to maintain the present balance of opinion  
and votes in the ICANN Nominating Committee.

We may discuss - quickly - how this point might be made, either  
through the Chair of ALAC or the Chair of EURALO.
Alternatively, I shall respond personally to the consultation before  
the deadline, 30 May, 2011.

Regards to you all,

Christopher Wilkinson
ALS: ISOC-Wallonia

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> Subject: ICANN News Alert -- Public Comment: Community Input  
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> News Alert
> http://www.icann.org/en/announcements/announcement-30apr11-en.htm
> Public Comment: Community Input Requested on Academia Representation  
> on NomCom
> 30 April 2011
> On 21 April 2011, the ICANN Board approved the initiation of a 30- 
> day period of public comment to obtain community input to inform the  
> BGC's future work on the feasibility of identifying an entity to  
> make appointments to the NomCom as called for in Article VII,  
> Section 2.8.c of the Bylaws. The public comment will also address  
> the potential proposed Bylaws amendments [PDF, 64 KB] regarding the  
> removal of this Bylaws provision in the event that the public  
> comment does not result in the identification of an appropriate  
> entity or process for identifying such an entity.
> Staff Responsible: Amy A. Stathos, Deputy General Counsel
> Deadline and How to Submit Comments: The Staff is opening a 30-day  
> public consultation forum, from 30 April 2011 through 23:59 UTC, 30  
> May 2011, on this matter. During this period, the ICANN community  
> and public are invited to submit comments via e-mail to academia-nomcom at icann.org 
> .
> To view comments: An archive of all comments received will be  
> publicly posted at http://forum.icann.org/lists/academia-nomcom/.
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