[EURO-Discuss] Secretariat report

Dragoslava Greve dpefeva at gmail.com
Tue Feb 23 13:25:16 CST 2010

Dear all, 
Euralo's secretariat report has been published at the Secretariat's workspace. 
The minutes from the last meeting are also available. 

February 2010
  Discussed ALAC issues:
ALAC Statement on the New Consumers Constituency Petition and Charter - we have 
two EURALO ALS from the Consumers constituency, one from Greece and one from 
Slovenia. Unfortunately, after they become part of EURALO, they never 
participated in any EURALO activities.
Volunteer Review team member - EURALO have already passed two names – 
Christopher Wilkinson and Jeanette Hoffman. There has been a proposal that the 
ALAC Chair should be on the Board too.
NomCom selected ALAC member for EURALO – EURALO comes with two names – Lutz 
Donnerhacke and Sebastien Bachollet. More candidates are strongly encouraged, 
especially aiming at regional and gender diversity.
EURALO has been briefed on the development of the At-Large Selection Board 
Preparation of Nairobi Meeting - EURALO is quite committed to participate to the 
Nairobi meeting, our ALAC representatives are asked to forward this to ALAC.
Outreach activities:
EURALO representatives participated at the IGF open consultations in Geneva. 
Olivier has been suggested as an expert from EURALO for the next EURODIG.

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