[EURO-Discuss] question -- not really ALAC related

Adam Peake ajp at glocom.ac.jp
Thu Feb 18 03:06:32 CST 2010

Thanks for these replies (Christopher, Velvet Underground, no comment :-))

Some colleagues are looking at how languages are used under different 
ccTLDs, sometimes the connection's obvious, sometimes less so.


At 8:53 AM +0000 2/18/10, Lutz Donnerhacke wrote:
>* Adam Peake wrote:
>>  Why is the dot VU ccTLD popular with German speaking Internet users?
>>  Very high number of German registrants and webpages using .VU names
>>  in German.
>There was/is a very successful free domain registration service "*.de.vu".
>They did not ask for personal details, and they had a lot of domain names
>available, which are already registered via DENIC.
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