[EURO-Discuss] At-Large Director Selection Process / ABSdt & ABSC nominations from EURALO

Wolf Ludwig wolf.ludwig at comunica-ch.net
Thu Feb 4 17:00:53 CST 2010

Dear all,

as you may have seen from the last mails from Sébastien, time is pressing and we need to select our EURALO reps. for the two Board selection groups until tomorrow! We are in the fortunate situation to have more candidates than positions – what makes the choice difficult again. Therefore we need to consider the following points and I want to suggest:

a) first comes, first serves (candidates who declared their readiness), 
b) to reflect gender and geographic diversity, as noted by Olivier, and
c) participation in both groups need considerable time investments!

Suggestion for the ABSdt:
Candidates Olivier and Patrick – if he doesn’t confirm Rudi
(- what is not gender and geographical balanced).

Suggestion for the ABSC: 
Veronica (who confirmed to Sébastien already) and Adam (- what reflects the aspects and criteria mentioned above).

As we need to take a decision immediately now, let me suggest to forward these candidates and names to ALAC if NO OBJECTIONS (together with substantial alternatives!) are raised until tomorrow, Friday 5th February, 18:00 PM. Thanks to all who declared their willingness to serve for this important functions and who may not be considered (but it’s a good sign for EURALO having more declarations of interests than we actually need!).

I hope we may find consensus on this selection. Thanks and 

kind regards,

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