[EURO-Discuss] Last call: Summit Questionnaire – to be returned ASAP

Wolf Ludwig wolf.ludwig at comunica-ch.net
Sun Sep 28 12:05:51 EDT 2008

Hi all,

may be some of you remember that there was a Questionnaire on the 
User’s Summit agenda setting circulated by the Staff in June this year 
(just before our last General Assembly in Paris). Some of the ALSes 
who were present in Paris completed and returned the Questionnaire
there – others did it in the weeks after Paris.

The Questionnaire is a very important tool to prepare the ICANN 
User Summit which is supposed to happen at the beginning of next 
year (February 09) in Mexico via a bottom-up approach. And the 
more feed-back we will get from our members/ALSes the better
the agenda setting and conduct of the Summit can be prepared 
and organised by the Summit working group.

As we know from a first assessment of the “Questionnaires returned” 
submitted by the Staff, only about half of the European ALSes 
participated and expressed their preferences and ideas so far –- 
what shows only part of the picture and user concerns. I would like 
to remind you that we need a far more comprehensive and reliable 
result of this survey! Therefore the Summit-WG decided at its last 
Conf.call to extend the DEADLINE for the return of the Questionnaires 
UNTIL Wednesday 22nd October, 2008.

Please note that ALSes who do not participate in this survey / submit 
their Questionnaire will NOT be invited to the User’s Summit / ATLAS 
and won’t get travel funding for Mexico!

It is still the aim of the Summit-WG to have as many ALSes as possible 
in Mexico and to assure a participation what can be called “representative”. 
Therefore please take a couple of minutes (10 min. max) to fill in the 
Questionnaire (attached again) and return it ASAP.

Thanks for your support und best regards,

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