[EURO-Discuss] Lisbon Follow Up

Roberto Gaetano roberto at icann.org
Sat May 26 06:12:06 EDT 2007

Kleinwächter, Wolfgang wrote:

> Right. The main reason fior the umbreella is to strengthen 
> contacts between NCUC and ALAC. The substantial differences 
> are clear but on a higher level zone could argue that both 
> issues are dealing with concerns of individual internet users.

Well, I hope most, if not all, ALAC activities should deal with "concerns of
individual internet users" ;>)

On a more serious tone, on the subject of NCUC/ALAC collaboration, I would
drive your attention on the fact that there is going to be an open forum on
the GNSO review, and since some of the items on the table deal ultimately
with improving representativity and balance, it would be wise and useful for
ALAC to attend.
As of today I don't have exact date/time, but it is going to happen.


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