[EURO-Discuss] [At-Large] [EURO-ALS] At-Large EURALO 2007 Election Results

Vittorio Bertola vb at bertola.eu
Fri May 25 14:06:10 EDT 2007

Izumi AIZU ha scritto:
> I was elected as an ALAC from AP RALO in March before Lisbon meeting,
> from "interim" to more "legitimate" member, and now that we lost
> Vittorio, Wendy and kind of myself are only two "incumbents" squatting
> on ALAC.
> I am quite aware of this and looking for good rationale and also good
> exit. My rationale has been the quick and many turnovers, so many
> ALAC members have changed, giving some sort of instability, which
> is not all bad, but we at APRALO thought maintaining some stability
> be better. I am bit concerned that we may lose some "corporate
> memory" and that is another reason for me to stay. Given the ALAC
> review is coming, I think however radical we may try to change ALAC,
> and I am one of them to hope that to happen, I still like to share
> some lessons from the past, in order not to reinvent the wheels.
> Well, in any case, Thanks Vittorio for your many years of service
> especially as the first Chair, and for your hard work.

Thank you, and of course my intention is not to disappear. Actually, as 
long as I remain the Board liaison I will have the same participation 
requirements as ALAC members, so you will still be meeting me at ICANN 
meetings and conf calls. In the meanwhile, this new wave of valiant 
people who have joined the ALAC in the last few months, or will join it 
in the next few, will have time to acquire the substance of our past 
experience, and make further advances!
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