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William Drake drake at hei.unige.ch
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A priori, jointly convening both and exploring each issue set more
thoroughly with links drawn between the two sounds right to me.


On 5/24/07 5:01 PM, "Nick Ashton-Hart" <nick.ashton-hart at icann.org> wrote:

> I think it is up to the community. From what I know of these two
> events, it would seem to me that these are two important and very
> different aspects to consider and it is worthwhile to consider them
> separately because each set of issues will then get more time, and
> therefore be explored more thoroughly, than if they shared a single
> timeslot. Of course, nothing would stop the two constituencies jointly
> convening one or the other of these events, which would provide the
> 'one voice' benefits you mention.
> Jacqueline, do you have any thoughts?
> On 24/05/07, "Kleinwächter"@smtp01.icann.org
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>> Dear list
>> Robin Gross from IP Justice, who is also with the Non-Commercial User
>> Constituency of the GNSO told me here in geneva during the IGF consultations
>> that she is preparing a similar workshop on Freedom of Expression in San Juan
>> (probably on Wednesday, June, 27, 2007.
>> What do you think, should we consider to do the two workshops under one
>> unbrella as a joint activitiy of ALAC and NCUC? The two workshops are totally
>> independent but complement each other. Each unit would be responsible for its
>> own workshop but coulkd benefit from the joint advertisement. Thisn could
>> lead to a win-win-situation. And we would give the ICANN constituency as a
>> whole a clear signal, that th voice of the users/consumers/at large members
>> gets louder.
>> Any comments?
>> Wolfgang
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>> Betreff: Re: [EURO-Discuss] Lisbon Follow Up
>> Sébastien, Wolfgang,
>> I would like to join you in working on the GEO-TLD meeting, as we are
>> working on .berlin
>> what is the current plan?
>> best
>> annette
>> Sébastien Bachollet schrieb:
>>> Sorry Wolfgang to take this old message but it contains 2 important points.
>>> About the so-call GEO-TLDs I would like to help you in setting up the
>>> meeting especially because we started some work on .paris.
>>> I am not sure I will be available during the forthcoming 8th meeting of the
>>> ICANN Studienkreis (October 11-12, 2007 in Warsaw) for an EURALO outreach
>>> meeting (Thursday, October 11, 9.00 - 15.00) but I think is a good idea.
>>> I start to work on Egeni Europe 2008 for June (just before the Icann meeting
>>> in Europe) and I think we need to do also something about Euralo.
>>> All the best
>>> Sébastien Bachollet
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>>> Sorry I forgot the proposals:
>>> 1. the prepare a workshop for San Juan on Consumer Interests on geographical
>>> TLDs: The working title could be "Consumer Confusion vs. Consumer Choice:
>>> The User Interests in  GEO-TLDs". As we discussed in Lisbon, there is a
>>> growing number of related projects (.berlin, .nyc, .cym, .sco, .london etc)
>>> and there are two main arguments in favour and against. In Germany the local
>>> government which operates berlin.de argues that .berlin would create
>>> consumer confusion while the federal parliament just recently adopted a
>>> resolution arguing GEO-TLDs like .munich, .cologne, .saxony, .bavaria or
>>> .leipzig would bring more competition and more consumer choice. I expect
>>> that the ICANN Board if it has to take decisions on such TLDs  (based on the
>>> GNSO Policy paper and the GAC gTLD principles) will need some input form the
>>> user perspective and this is the ALAC. I would be ready to start the
>>> preparation for such a two hour workshopin San Juan.
>>> 2. I propose to use the forthcoming 8th meeting of the ICANN Studienkreis
>>> (October 11-12, 2007 in Warsaw) for an EURALO outreach meeting (Thursday,
>>> October 11, 9.00 - 15.00) for Central and Eastern Europe. I ask all ALS and
>>> other friends of EURALO to send me contcats so that we can do outrech and
>>> invite speakers. I will work together also with the Diplo Foundation. Input
>>> from ISOC Europe is welcome.
>>> Best
>>> wolfgang
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