[EURO-Discuss] [Secretariat] At-Large EURALO 2007Election Results

Roberto Gaetano roberto at icann.org
Tue May 22 15:06:44 EDT 2007


> I would also like to congratulate Veronica and Sebastien. And 
> I I'd like to thank you for the votes I got for the EURALO 
> board. I must concede it feels quite odd though to be elected 
> through an election process I find not acceptable and to now 
> participate in an organization that I think should be 
> structured in a completely different way.

Maybe this is one of the merit of the inclusiveness of this process? It is
true that you don't see often that.

However, by its very nature, the process of getting together internet users
quite naturally allows confrontation among widely diverse opinions. And I do
believe that one of the richnesses of the ALAC is to make this happen.

Now you are faced with pretty much the same queston I have been faced when
elected Chairman of the DNSO General Assembly years ago: is my mandate to
try to make the people who elected me more "powerful" in the organization,
in terms of giving more weight to their voices, or try to change the
structure to make it fit better with my ideals? In the beginning, I was sure
to be able to do both at the same time. Later, I found I had to make a tough

Younger generations have biologically the ability to do better than the
previous ones: in this spirit I wish you better luck. But my advice would be
still to do what you feel is better for the user community you represent.


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