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Tue May 22 08:29:54 EDT 2007

I would also like to start with the congratulations to the elected.

Starting with te ALAC representatives, I particularly welcome Veronica, who
is relatively new to the ICANN process.
Veronica, I am sure that you will catch up, maybe with the help of your
colleagues in the Committee, and prove that my concerns were wrong.

Just before the opening of the vote, I claimed I could make a bet on the
result. Unfortunately, I did not bet money, because below is my forecast,
that I sent to Nick, who can confirm, was correct:
My pick on the most likely result:
- Veronica - 31 to 33 - 2 years
- Sebastien - 32 to 36 - 1 year
- Patrick - 35 to 38 - 0 years
I don't know how far away I was on the score, but the ranking is indeed the
one that came as a result.

To the new ALAC members, just one advice, from past experience. We have been
caught off base already a couple of times by the Ombudsman, we have again
ALS applications that were not voted because of the high number of
abstensions and the non-participation to vote. I would consider having a
strong set of rules, and compliance to them, a priority.

Congratulations also to the Board members. Also in this case, I am sure that
my concern in having a too large Board will be answered by strong
participation and effectiveness in the management of EURALO. According to
the Bylaws, presence of 2/3 of the Board members is necessary to take
decisions: with a board of 9, that means at least 6 people on every call.

Wolfgang is right in stating that the first priority is to establish a work
plan. Besides the two ICANN meetings in Europe in the years to come, there
is already an important date to mark on the calendar: the Studienkreis in
Warsaw in October. Wolfgang has repeatedly asked for an EURALO meeting in
combination with that appointment, receiving no answer so far. Now that we
have a management team in place, it will be time to answer positively, and
start finalizing the venue.


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> First of all congratulations to all elected. We went through 
> a complicated process but at the end of the day we have been 
> sucessful to to build a structure and to elect a leadership 
> for our EURALO and to give legitimacy to our two reps in the ALAC.
> Looking at the results I am also happy that at the end of the 
> day the principle of geographical and cultural diversity is 
> reflected in the final outcome. I am also satisfied that we 
> have a good balance of different institutions in the EURALO 
> Board. This gives us a great opportunity to move now from the 
> discussion of procedural issues to issues of substance. I am 
> sure that this discussion will produce much more unity than 
> we had in the procedural debate.  
> I would also invite Patrick, even if he was not elected, to 
> give his energy and knowledge to the EURALO process. There is 
> no need to have a position to give input to the process. And 
> the at large community lives to a high degree from individual 
> contributions. 
> Next step would be the drafting of a workplan. I would also 
> encourage a discussion on a strategy paper with some mid-term 
> goals and milestones. As you have seen there are two European 
> ICANN meeting scheduled now fro 2008 and 2009. This should be 
> seen as a challenge for EURALO not only to show the face but 
> to bring fresh ideas and actions to the ICANN process.  
> Hope we have some time in San Juan to discuss the next concrete steps.
> Best wishes
> wolfgang 
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> Betreff: [EURO-ALS] At-Large EURALO 2007 Election Results
> Dear All: 
> I'm pleased to report the results of the 2007 EURALO Elections.
> 2-year Term: CRETU, Veronica
> 1-year Term: BACHOLLET, Sebastian
> Number of Seats Chosen: All Candidates (from a selection by 
> ballot of 5, 7, 9, or all candidates)
> Members Elected (in order of election, taking into account 
> Bylaw requirement of nationality diversity with respect to 
> first 5 seats)
> HOFMANN, Jeannette
> LUDWIG, Wolf
> BERTOLA, Vittorio
> DE QUITO, Paco
> BRUCH, Christophe
> BANKS, Karen
> DRAKE, Bill
> Whilst Sebastian Bachollet and Veronica Cretu were also 
> candidates for board seats, the elections process agreed on 
> was that those elected to ALAC seats would not also occupy 
> board seats, though they would be able to attend board meetings.
> For those who wish to review the details of the election, and 
> to ensure independent verification of the results published, 
> the voting system provides a URL as follows: 
> http://www.bigpulse.com/pollresults?code=YZMs83SWNAgmq75TMXUb
> The procedures related to the election can be found at:  
> https://st.icann.org/euralo/index.cgi?euralo_elections_2007
> Since one-half of the EURALO board was to be elected every 
> year, as per the Bylaws for the region adopted in Lisbon, it 
> was submitted for consideration by the ICANN staff that the 
> top 1/2 (rounded to the nearest whole number) would serve a 
> 2-year term, and the bottom 1/2 a 1-year term. Given the 
> number of members of the board, that procedure would not 
> resolve whether the top 4, or 5, would be serving 2-years. 
> Perhaps the region will allow the board, in its first 
> meeting, to decide this question.
> On behalf of the staff of ICANN may I extend extend our 
> congratulations to the newly-elected officers and wish them 
> the best in their new roles. I look forward to working with them all.
> --
> Regards,
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