[EURO-Discuss] Voting procedure for ALAC seats

Roberto Gaetano roberto at icann.org
Fri May 18 17:47:49 EDT 2007

Christoph Bruch wrote:

> Just for the record: I did not propose to bend or change the 
> agreed voting procedure.
> I suggested to find a compromise and to then vote accordingly.

Except for the fact that what you suggest is not a compromise.
The common understanding of a compromise is something that goes in the
direction of taking into account the opinion/needs of the different parties.
Your "compromise" takes fully into consideration the position that we should
not have two representatives from ISOC Chapters, while it does not take into
consideration at all the position that we should not elect somebody who has
no experience and has not contributed so far.

Thomas is right when he states that there has been no serious attempt to
find a consensus/compromise solution. All what I have heard so far is the
mantra that we need a specific person for the sole reason of ensuring


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