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Thomas Roessler roessler at does-not-exist.org
Sun May 13 18:48:31 EDT 2007

On 2007-05-11 08:12:29 -0700, Roberto Gaetano wrote:

> From the attitude point of view, what is appalling, looking from
> the outside, is how a couple of people have inherited the Jeff
> William syndrome,


If there's anything that this discussion shows, then it's a total
lack of willingness to build a compromise solution in the face of
differences of opinion, and some worrying lack of neutrality on the
staff side.

The fact that you have nothing better to do than pull the Jeff
Williams card speaks more (and quite disappointingly so!) to your
ability to be objective, show leadership, and respect different
opinions, than it speaks to the RALO's functioning overall.

(Though I'll admit that one conclusion that one might draw from this
entire debacle is that the RALO structure as such is neither
functional, nor robust.  One of the underlying reasons for the
hesitation to sign the MoU on FITUG's behalf is that I was
struggling whether I should recommend returning the ALS
accreditation right away.)

Thomas Roessler   <roessler at does-not-exist.org>

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