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Jeanette Hofmann jeanette at wzb.eu
Fri May 11 12:08:39 EDT 2007

...and I will keep all your emails in case we will see one day a review 
of the ICANN board. What I find more and more difficult to bear is this 
patronizing and dismissive attitude towards people who don't share the 
board's mainstream opinion.

Roberto Gaetano wrote:
> I hope that all the discussions going on now will remain as a record for 
> the time in which the ALAC Review will take place.
> It will be interesting to know, for the reviewers, how much time is 
> spent on substantial discussions, and how much time on procedural matters.
> In particular, how much time is spent in revisiting former consensus 
> decisions taken only few months earlier.
>  From the attitude point of view, what is appalling, looking from the 
> outside, is how a couple of people have inherited the Jeff William 
> syndrome, i.e. the belief that when they speak, that means that this is 
> the consensus position, and just because the majority does not have 
> neither time nor envy to reply to each and every message, that becomes 
> the consensus, overriding previous decisions.
> Last but not least, I do not take sides on what form of vote will be 
> more democratic, I just only note that there is one fundamentally 
> undemocratic approach, which is to change the rules of an election on 
> the day before the elections, when nominations are already closed (based 
> on the previous rules). Whether this is on the voting mechanism for ALAC 
> reps, or on the number of seats for the Board.
> The only good thing is that, as I hoped, all ALSes have signed, making 
> the whole fandango raised on the MoU a complete loss of time.
> Incidentally, I will write to a trusted third party my forecast on the 
> result, and that can be compared at the end with what really happened. 
> It is a bit funny, because I have the impression that there's a lot of 
> noise for an election that, for the ALAC seats, has the result already 
> known, if you just sit down and think.
> Cheers,
> Roberto
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