[EURO-Discuss] Voting procedure for ALAC seats

Stefan Hügel sh at fiff.de
Fri May 11 09:45:20 EDT 2007

Dear Christoph, dear colleagues,

I agree on the observation of the current situation and think, your  
would be an excellent way to get to an agreement everybody can live  


Am 11.05.2007 um 14:11 schrieb Dr. Christoph Bruch:

> Dear all,
> we are about to take decisions which will have a strong influence  
> not only
> on the way internet user from Europe are represented within ALAC  
> but also in
> what atmosphere we will continue our cooperation.
> I got the impression we are dealing with a constituency more or  
> less split
> in half on whom to elect for the 2 ALAC seats: one group favouring
> Patrick/Sebastian the other group favouring Veronica
> Therefore I suggest that we agree on sending Veronica and either  
> Patrick or
> Sebastian.
> That would leave us with two decisions:
> - Patrick or Sebastian
> - Who Veronica or Patrick/Sebastian should get the 2-year term.
> If we can reach the agreement and decide the two remaining  
> questions, we
> would either skip the vote or vote in a way to reach the desired  
> result.
> This way the rules would not be bent.
> Maybe Patrick and Sebastian could negotiate amongst themselves who  
> would
> withdraw his candidacy if we reach the agreement described above.
> Christoph

Stefan Hügel (sh at fiff.de)

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