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Nick Ashton-Hart nick.ashton-hart at icann.org
Wed May 9 17:34:20 EDT 2007

At this point I have just received the digital signature of ISOC NL.

This means at this point there are only two ALSes who have yet to sign:

Terre des Femmes

I have written directly to Dr. Heike Jensen to see if she is keeping
up with the correspondence and asking if she believes TDF will be
joining the MoU.  To treat both ALSes equally I will do the same thing

My sincere hope is that we can, at this point, actually get the last
two digital signatures and as a result no longer have to have multiple
votes, or more complex votes.

Speaking personally, at the end of a long day, I must say I very much
hope we can all find a way to move forward without multiple votes and
with a compromise allowing a vote on a number of board seats to be
held. That, to me, represents the best of a democratic process: when
consensus is not possible, a vote is held.

With one of the three ALAC candidates having withdrawn his name from
being a possible board candidate, the maximum number of seats to be
chosen from if we keep the list of 5, 7, and 9, would mean that all
those willing to serve on the board would be able to do so from the
entire list of nominees.

My hope is that everyone will be willing to accept the dual votes: on
the number of seats, and the candidates for the board, and allow a
democratic vote to determine the result, rather than seeking to insist
on one particular proposal or another.

On 09/05/07, Vittorio Bertola <vb at bertola.eu> wrote:
> Nick Ashton-Hart ha scritto:
> > We (Susie and myself) will therefore setup a vote to start this
> > Friday, when the election would have started, and ending on the same
> > date the election would have ended, with this question:
> Please note that if it turns out that you can enjoy rights without
> signing the related agreement, my organization will consider terminating
> the agreement. Why should we sign a contract if it is not necessary?
> Anyway, if you really want a vote on that, let's do this in parallel;
> but let's not delay the rest of the procedure. I think that further
> delays are unacceptable. We already stretched the original schedule a
> lot, we accepted late nominations without objection, we encouraged those
> who had not signed yet to do it now so that they could still participate
> in the vote. Many of us here accepted lots and lots of compromises,
> trying to build a home that can be good both for techies and for
> activists, for groups and for individuals; and we still receive messages
> stating "the only solution is to do exactly as I say". I think that
> ICANN should be more supportive of constructive contributions and less
> accommodating with destructive ones.
> In the end, people have to realize that either they believe in this
> process, and so sign the MoU and accept to live with the diversity of
> opinions in the group, or they do not, and so they stop participating.
> Just staying half way, posting objections to each and every step
> forward, is neither useful nor reasonable for anyone.
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