[EURO-Discuss] follow our own bylaws

Vittorio Bertola vb at bertola.eu
Wed May 9 16:37:10 EDT 2007

Annette Muehlberg ha scritto:
> It is the whole procedure of the last weeks I do not want "to live
> with".
> Below I tried to reunite all ALSes and volunteers for functions so
> that we could focus on constructive work. It implicated that we
> accept all those who were nominated for the board without any further
> voting. 

I want to restate what I said in the call: my personal opinion is that a 
board of more than seven people will be unworkable and ineffective, 
especially seeing how hard it is to get consensus on anything on this 
list. I think that the Board should be a small and practical group of 
people that can agree and manage to do things in practice. Seven is 
already quite a number. Twelve is simply unworkable.

Also, I have to point out that the other Regions have one or two 
officers at most (one Chairperson and one Secretariat, for example). We 
are the only ones having a full Board, and we want to make it even 
bigger - there must be something wrong, IMHO.

> Apart from that, there has to be a transparent and democratic
> procedure in place if the rights of some ALSes are supposed to be
> changed.

I am not sure where you see any change. There is a written agreement 
through which ICANN gives some rights to the organizations that sign it, 
in exchange for some duties. Before it existed, no one had any right to 
participate in the selection of ALAC members. Then, it was created, so 
that when you sign it, you acquire the additional rights stated in the 
document. If you don't sign it, you don't acquire those additional 
rights - you stay on the list as before, and so on. It's your choice, 
but you can't get the rights without signing the contract and agreeing 
to (very few) duties as well.
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