[EURO-Discuss] Legal situation with respect to ALAC candidatures

Jeanette Hofmann jeanette at wzb.eu
Wed May 9 03:09:16 EDT 2007

Good morning,
having been on ICANN'n nomcom twice, I can confirm that several board 
members didn't meet the requirements you find necessary for an ALAC 
seat. The nomcom has appointed people who were plain and simple newbies. 
  From what I know, nobody has ever complained about this fact.
Now I wonder if the selection criteria for ALAC should be more rigorous 
than for the board and if so  why?

Patrick Vande Walle wrote:
> Thanks Nick.
> I think this demonstrates that the Euralo MoU and bylaws need 
> clarifications, so that the letter is in line with the spirit.
> I think the spirit in requiring that an ALAC representative is a member 
> of an ALS is that the candidate needs several months to get up to speed 
> with the ALAC-specific  business, both in content and process. This 
> could be demonstrated by prior activity in ALAC and/or ICANN related 
> mailing lists, meetings attendance, etc. Afterwards, if the ALS 
> estimates the candidate meet these criteria, it can use whatever 
> internal process it see fit to ratify the candidacy and propose it to 
> the Euralo.
> My personal suggestion is that an ALAC candidate should be a member of 
> an ALS for at least six months before the elections take place.
> It is obviously too late for this round, but let us avoid further 
> possibilities for interpretation before the next round.
> Patrick
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