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I note that this proposal has substantial differences from the one published
on the Web since quite a while, that I assume is the one agreed in Lisbon,
that states:
For those positions which could not be filled by consensus, an electronic
vote shall be held. For this vote, for what regards the remaining open
positions, separately for the EURALO Board and for the ALAC members, each
ALS will rank all the candidates (no one excluded) in an order of
preference, from the most liked candidate (1) to the least liked one. Then
the ranking of each candidate will be added up, and the candidates with less
total points (compatibly with eligibility and diversity requirements) will
be elected. Among the elected candidates, the ones with less total points
will get the longer terms.
May I know why is it changed, and who has determined the changes? Notably,
the biggest change is in having a different procedure for ALAC members than
the one for the Board.
May I also state that this is a plain question, not a complaint at all,
because first of all I am not a voting member, and therefore the procedure
has no impact on me, and secondly that not having attended all meetings I am
sure that I have missed something in the process.


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Subject: [EURO-ALS] Outcomes of the Teleconference: EURALO Voting and

2007 EURALO Election Details*

Incorporating the decisions recommended to the region on the teleconference
of  <https://st.icann.org/euralo/index.cgi?4_may_2007> 4 May 2007

ELECTION PERIOD: Noon UTC, Friday 11 May to Noon UTC, Wednesday 16th May.

VOTERS: The designated voters (1 per ALS) of ALSes who have signed the
Memorandum of Understanding with ICANN either in-person at the Lisbon ICANN
meeting or digitally via electronic mail - at any time before the beginning
of the voting - Text available from the
<https://st.icann.org/euralo/index.cgi?ralo_organising_instruments> RALO
Organising Instruments page.

CANDIDATES: All those nominated up to the end of the teleconference on 4th
May 2007 (see below for complete list)

NUMBER OF BOARD SEATS: The strong recommendation of those on the
teleconference was that there should be 7 members of the initial board. If
there is any objection to this number, then the call's strong recommendation
is that there should be a section on the ballot for each voter to pick from
amongst the following options for the number of total seats: 5, 7, 9

Voting For the ALAC Candidates:

1.	Each voter may vote for two candidates amongst the field of three 

2.	If Ms. Cretu's candidature is viewed as invalid by the Office of the
ICANN GC then the two remaining candidates will be voted on. 

3.	The terms of the two seats are staggered. Whichever candidate
receives the larger share of the vote shall have the two-year term. The
candidate receiving the next-highest number of votes shall receive the one
year term. 

4.	The two candidates receiving the the most votes will be elected. The
remaining candidate, (if any) will be subject to election to the Board (see
below for details)

Voting For the EURALO Board:

1.	The ballot for the board will list all of the current nominees for
board seats, of which there are twelve (12) (reproduced below and also at
<https://st.icann.org/euralo/index.cgi?meeting_notes_4_may_2007> Meeting
Notes 4 May 2007.) 

2.	This list includes the three candidates for ALAC seats. 

3.	If there is a candidate for an ALAC seat who does not get elected,
that person may be seated as a board member (but see below). No candidate
for ALAC may be elected to both an ALAC seat AND a board seat, however. 

4.	The actual ballot will work as follows (subject to the capability of
the voting system to be able to accomodate this procedure; if it is not,
then we will let you know what can be done which is as close to the below as

1.	Each voter will rank, in order of preference, ALL the board

2.	The voting system will then produce a list, which incorporates the
preferences expressed. 

3.	The board members who will be elected are the top 'N' listed, from
the top of the list on down. The Number 'N' shall be either: 

1.	In the case that no objection is raised to the call's recommendation
of seven (7) members: 7 

2.	In the case that an objection is raised, then the number shall be
that number from the selection above (5,7,9) which receives the most votes.


It was not decided on the call how to determine which board members would
receive one year terms, and which would receive two, as per the Bylaws,
Clause 9.5.2. Therefore, the staff recommends the following:

1.	The top 1/2 of the list of preferences from the board election
(rounded to the nearest whole number, depending upon the number of seats),
will receive two-year terms, and the bottom 1/2 will receive one-year terms.

proposal. Keep in mind, however, that it might be viewed as less than ideal
to have another ballot, immediately after the first, to decide who shall
have what length of term from amongst those elected.


At-Large uses a voting system provided by BigPulse (www.bigpulse.com). The
authorised voter will receive an individualised email, with a clickable link
as well as manual login instructions, which are individually-generated. The
system will be setup to provide a secret ballot, and the ICANN staff will
ensure that the system produces a reminder email 48 hours before the vote
closes, and then again 24 hours before the vote closes, to any voter who has
not yet voted to help ensure that they do cast a vote. We will also setup a
URL where anyone will be able to see the results of the vote for themselves
to ensure transparency with respect to the results. This URL will be
forwarded to both European email lists.


For the two ALAC seats

1.	Patrick Vande Walle 

2.	Sebastien Bachollet 

3.	Veronica Cretu

For the EURALO Board

1.	Rudi Vansnick 

2.	Vittorio Bertola 

3.	Christoph Bruch 

4.	Desiree Miloshevic 

5.	Bill Drake 

6.	Jeanette Hofmann 

7.	Karen Banks 

8.	Wolf Ludwig 

9.	Paco de Qinto 

10.	Patrick Vande Walle 

11.	Sebastien Bachollet 

12.	Veronica Cretu

* Also available at:

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