[EURO-Discuss] ALAC

Adam Peake ajp at glocom.ac.jp
Sat May 5 08:28:26 EDT 2007

Sebastian and Patrick:  you both represent ISOC chapters, seem very 
active and "senior" within ISOC's European chapter organization 

ISOC's policy for chapters 
<http://www.isoc.org/isoc/chapters/policy/> requires them to show 
some general level of support for the goals and mission of ISOC. 
Policy states "Specific officials of Chapters, acting on behalf of 
their Chapter, may make public statements and establish public 
positions as long as they meet the following requirement" and "b. 
They must not be contrary to any position of the Internet Society."

Do you foresee any situation where your chapter's (i.e. ALS's) 
obligations to ISOC would require you to put ISOC's interests ahead 
of the EU RALO and or ALAC?

For example, one could imagine situations where an ISOC position was 
contrary to that of the EU RALO and/or ALAC, or more extreme, perhaps 
some discussion regarding ISOC's contractual relationships with ICANN 
as the steward and beneficiary of .ORG?  Where would your obligations 

Apologies if this question is re-hashing an old discussion about ISOC 
chapters and ALAC, I haven't seen it if it is.  Seems important 
particularly if two people from the same type of ALS are selected for 



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