[EURO-Discuss] Giovanni Seppia joins EURid as InternationalRelations Manager

Giovanni Seppia giovanni.seppia at icann.org
Fri May 4 03:21:26 EDT 2007

Patrick, All,

I was going to send a message to this list during these days to say ciao to
all of you. It is a "ciao", not a good bye as I am sure I will keep seeing
you during ICANN meetings and other Internet related events.

The decision was not easy and I thought I could not miss the opportunity I
was presented.

I believe that, once all the "bureaucratic" aspects are sorted out, At Large
will represent a fundamental component of the ICANN process, a component
which should bring the interests, needs and expectations of the end users to
ICANN'attention. It is not an easy task, but during my time at ICANN and my
time with the representatives of the European At Large organisation I have
seen that there are very valuable and motivated people that will accomplish
it. Do not give up!

I hope I have been helpful as much as I could and I look forward to seeing
you all in the future,



Giovanni Seppia
ICANN Global Partnership European Liaison

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[Since many of you here know Giovanni, I thought this would be of interest
to you  -Patrick] http://www.eurid.eu/content/view/202/33/lang,en/

Giovanni will take on the role of International Relations Manager of EURid
as from May 14, 2007. The position has been newly created and includes being
responsible for EURid's relations with relevant International organizations,
such as ICANN (the International body overseeing all top level domains) and
CENTR (Council of European National Top Level Domain Registries) as well as
other international bodies. Furthermore, he will represent EURid in
international fora. In this role he will report to the general manager.

"International relations play an important role for any top level domain,
and especially for .eu which is transnational in its nature.
Therefore, I am very satisfied that we managed to get Giovanni onboard.
I am sure that with his long experience and extensive network he will
contribute in a significant way to EURid's further development in this
field," commented Marc Van Wesemael, EURid's General Manager.

Giovanni previously worked at ICANN as European Regional Liaison. Prior to
that he was the General Manager at CENTR. He has also served as Head of
External Relations of the Italian Registry (ITT CNR) and has three years of
experience at the European Commission in various roles.

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