Veni Markovski veni at veni.com
Thu May 3 17:25:51 EDT 2007

Agree with you, Nick.
Agree with Rudi that if too much time has been spent, it's time for action.
Don't agree with Jeannette.
If we are to wait for everyone to state their opinion, then we are 
facing a situation like the elections in Greece - where by law 
everyone HAS to cast their vote. Yes, but we are not a state, there 
are no laws and punishments for not following them.
If someone wants to say something, please, do so, but don't stop the 
train from moving just because you think there should be a stop here. 
Or because you've missed your station, and you pull the emergency break.
As for poisoning the atmosphere - if one is afraid of bears, they 
don't go to the forest, as we say in Bulgaria. If someone is trying 
to poison the atmosphere, ignore the attempts.


At 21:28 5/3/2007  +0100, you wrote:
>It shouldn't be too difficult, if anyone is unable to attend, for them
>to state their preference on the few topics at hand. For example,
>nothing is preventing anyone from saying what number of directors they
>believe to be optimal.
> > Rudi Vansnick wrote:
> > > As far as I can read in the agenda proposed by Nick, there is no voting
> > > tomorrow.
> > > There for I see no reason for further delay. We have already been
> > > discussing items and topics which were very clear and had enough
> > > timespan being read by everyone considering the EURALO kick-off in
> > > priority of some other work.
> > >
> > > I had also to organise myself in order to participate in what I consider
> > > being an important item in the agenda of *my daily work for the Internet
> > > community, listening to all and any Internet individual user.*
> > >
> > > rudi
> > >
> > > Jeanette Hofmann schreef:
> > >> Hi,
> > >> if it is indeed true that many ALs cannot participate tomorrow, it would
> > >> be good to restrain from taking binding decisions.
> > >>
> > >> As the decisions taken in Lisbon have shown, it can somewhat poison the
> > >> atmosphere if those physically present make decisions that don't reflect
> > >> the preferences of those absent. For this very reason, IETF working
> > >> groups don't vote in physical meetings or teleconferences, they use
> > >> mailing lists for polls and the like to ensure that all interested
> > >> parties have a chance to participate.
> > >>

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