[EURO-Discuss] Nominations - update III

Annette Muehlberg annette.muehlberg at web.de
Wed May 2 11:10:38 EDT 2007

Dear all,

by now I had the chance to speak with Karen Banks from APC (UK) and Wolf 
Ludwig from comunica.ch (Switzerland) who both are willing to serve on 
the EURALO board. I would like to nominate those two as I think they 
will be a real asset for our new organisation. Both are well known in 
the internet community, have a lot of knowledge on ICANN issues and are 
willing to work on getting individual users involved in ICANN's decision 
making processes.

I add Karen's CV here. Wolf, you all know as he has been working from 
the very first meeting on the succesfull setting up of our EURALO. He 
will send in his CV soon.

Below you will find the updated list of nominations.

All the best


Karen Banks is a networking pioneer who has worked with ICTs and their 
application as a tool for social change since 1990. Between 1990 and 
1997 she maintained an international gateway called 'GnFido' at 
GreenNet, a small non-profit ISP in London, and founding member of the 
Association For Progressive Communications. The gateway used simple 
'store-and-forward' technology (fidonet and uucp) providing in many 
cases, the only means of cheap, efficient electronic communications to 
thousands of individuals, NGOs, Acadamics, Researchers and 
quasi-governmental departments in Africa, Asia, Latin America and 
Central and Eastern Europe.

In 1993, along with women colleagues from the Association For 
Progressive Communications (www.apc.org), she formed the APC Women's 
Networking Support Programme which led an all women team of 40 to the UN 
Fourth World Conference on Women in 1995, where they provided email and 
web access to over 10,000 delegates. She coordinated the APC WNSP from 
1996 to 2004.

She coordinated APC's participation in the WSIS process and continues to 
coordinate APC's participation in post WSIS activities such as the 
Internet Governance Forum.

She leads APC's work in the CRIS (Communication Rights in the 
Information Society) campaign and has recently taken up position as 
Network Development Manager for APC after coordinating APC's Women's 
Networking Support Programme for 8 years and coordinating APC's internet 
rights work globally, and in Europe from 1998-2001.

She remains a Director of GreenNet and is currently a trustee of Privacy 
International, an international privacy rights and civil liberties 
watchdog based in the UK, member of the civil society working group on 
the Commonwealth Action Programme for the Digital Divide.

She is currently a member of the ICANN Nominating Committee, was a 
member of the WSIS Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG) and was 
awarded the Anita Borg Social Impact Award with the APCWNSP in 2004.

APC <http://www.apc.org/>www.apc.org
APC Women's Networking Support Programme 
Anita Borg Institute Awards: 

WSIS WGIG Profile: 

GnFido: (http://www.gn.apc.org/anniversary/fido.html)

This is the current status of nominations:

== Nominations for the ALAC

Patrick Vande Walle (self-nomination)
Sebastien Bachollet (Dessi) (accepted)
Veronica Cretu (Wolfgang) (accepted)

Dessi Pefeva (Vittorio) (rejected)

== Nominations for the EURALO Board

Rudi Vansnick (self-nomination)
Vittorio Bertola (self-nomination)
Dessi Pefeva (Vittorio) (?)
Christoph Bruch (Vittorio, Wolfgang) (accepted)
Desiree Miloshevic (Wolfgang) (accepted)
Bill Drake (Wolfgang) (accepted)
Jeanette Hofmann (Wolfgang) (accepted)
Andres Oliva (Dessi) (?)
Karen Banks (Annette) (?)
Wolf Ludwig (Annette) (?)

Wolfgang Kleinwaechter (Vittorio) (rejected)

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