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Dessi Pefeva dpefeva at isoc.bg
Tue May 1 17:32:22 EDT 2007

Fully support Roberto's opinion, and especially his comments, which I 
find very reasonable.
I agree on Patric and Sebastien for the same reasons, stated  below by 


Roberto Gaetano wrote:
> Folks,
> This discussion seems more and more a piece of the theater of the absurd.
> So, if I understand correctly, we have spent months in discussing 
> rules, we thought that we were done, but the ink is not yet dry and we 
> want already take actions that disregard the treaty just signed. 
> "White man speaks with forked tongue", comes immediately to my mind.
> Anyway, leaving this absurdity aside for a moment, there were some 
> more substantial contributions that I would like to comment.
> Wolfgang wrote:
> > In last years NomCom we picked Jon Bing from the Oslo
> > Internet Institute as a person who never attended ICANN
> > meetings but with a big potential to bring fesh ideeas to the
> > GNSO. Ask Bruce Tomkin what he thinks now after one year of
> > Jons contirbutions. His interventions and actions are
> > excellent. If only "CANN experience"wuld have been counted he
> > never woould hzave been selected by NomCm and the ICANn
> > community would have lost a very potential contributor.
> Absolutely correct.
> However, it is the role of the NomCom to bring in new people, 
> broadening the search beyond the traditional ICANN environment. The 
> NomCom has nominated to the Name Council somebody without ICANN 
> experience, but I would be extremely surprised if the constituencies 
> would elect somebody of the same type. Quite the contrary, you will 
> found that the people that the constituencies send to NomCom are very 
> experienced, and also very active on ICANN-related issues.
> So, while it would have been very appropriate for NomCom to select new 
> people with high potential like Veronica (instead, they nominated 
> Annette), it is not clear to me why the European ALSes should, or 
> would, elect somebody unknown to most.
> In this respect, I would like to make another comment.
> I do not have any doubt that Veronica could pick up rapidly and be 
> effective. But if I were a voting member, which luckily I am not, I 
> would be extremely puzzled to vote for somebody that I don't know 
> which positions will take in the ALAC. I would wonder also what kind 
> of guarantee of participation will I get from somebody who has sent to 
> the EURALO mailing lists just one message, namely the acceptance of 
> the candidature. You might admit that this does not show commitment.
> Another thing that I don't understand is the following.
> The terms of the ALAC representatives are staggered. This means that 
> one person will be elected for one year, the other one for two years 
> (please correct me if I am wrong). What is wrong in having the two 
> more experienced members in the initial phase, and give Veronica one 
> year of time, maybe as part of the Board (where there's no constraint 
> on ALS membership), to understand the issues and the environment, and 
> to participate? Then next year the decision will be based on real 
> understanding of what the positions of the candidate are, rather than 
> an act of faith on the person, or nationality on the passport.
> Can somebody explain to me why to elect a candidate who has not yet 
> expressed position on any of the issues that ALAC is debating has 
> become so important that we are ready even to disregard our recently 
> signed bylaws? Is the need to have right now, and not in a year, 
> somebody from Eastern Europe so important that it takes priority over 
> other considerations?
> I don't understand.
> And when I don't understand, my paranoia makes me suspicious.
> Cheers,
> Roberto
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