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Other question – if the ALS nominates the person, why wouldn’t the person be
comfortable being a member of the ALS? It would be a little weird to accept
being nominated by a group that I don’t want to be  associated with.



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Dear Nick, dear all,

I agree with Jeanette and would like to add, that Veronica applied already
in January and the ALAC, who discussed proposing Veronica as one of the
candidates to the ICANN Board did not get a hint that there would be any
restriction concerning non-ALS members. 

Anyhow, Veronica could join any time the network new media (an accredited
european ALS) if not being an ALS member would be a serious problem, though
I do not think it is. 

Instead of creating bureaucracy we should be practical: it is the same
situation as with the EURALO board - if the EURALO selects a person, this
person means something to the EURALO members and this is what counts. It is
enough that an ALS nominates a candidate, this candidate should not be
forced to join an ALS for formal reasons (this procedure might raise the
number of members of the nnm, which I very much appreciate ;-) but it is
absolutely not neccessary). As far as I know, the NomCom is not restricted
to select a person who is a member of an ALS, the EURALO should not be so

Best greetings


Jeanette Hofmann schrieb: 

no matter what bylaws and MoU say, I support a broad interpretation of 
diversity including gender, geo-political culture and political 
perspectives. If we have the opportunity to cover several dimensions of 
diversity, why would we not do this?
Regarding experience with ICANN, if experience would principally count 
more than diversity, old hands would always prevail and newcomers never 
had a chance. Moreover, ALAC like the ICANN board can and should combine 
a mixture of experienced and new members.
Thomas Roessler schrieb:

On 2007-04-29 21:06:06 +0200, Patrick Vande Walle wrote:

/To be frank, I'd find it a strange move to have two folks wearing
ISOC hats as EURALO's choices to ALAC.  I'd rather see that more
balanced; in practice, that would mean that we should appoint
Veronica and either Sebastien or you./

/I see nothing in the MoU or bylaws that support this vision.

I was arguing from an overall political perspective.  I was *not*
talking about the MOU, so your response is a distraction.  (Which I
find disappointing.)

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