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Hi all,

we were supposed to nominate candidates from EURALO for the NomCom till the end of this month. As far as I have seen respective messages on this list, we have two nominations:

*Desiree Miloshevic, suggested by Wolfgang Kleinwächter on 15/08/2007 12:12:42; and
*Patrick Vande Walle, nominated by Sébastian Bacholet on 15/08/2007 12:22:04 and supported by Dessi Pefeva.

As nobody asked for voting on the two EURALO nominations, I suggest we forward our two candidates to ALAC for further consideration. Or is there any other suggestion?


Nick Ashton-Hart wrote Thu, 16 Aug 2007 08:49:
>Since a number of questions and statements have been made about the  
>NomCom seats, who appoints them, what do those appointed have to do /  
>what are the time requirements, etc. I wanted to put everything about  
>this subject into one email for everyone.
>The ICANN Bylaw provisions as it relates to this:
>The ALAC shall [....] after consultation with each RALO, annually  
>appoint five voting delegates (no two of whom shall be citizens of  
>countries in the same Geographic Region, as defined according to  
>Section 5 of Article VI) to the Nominating Committee.
>This means that the ALAC must consult the region on who to appoint.
>The ALAC have asked each region to forward a name, or more than one  
>name, to them before the end of August. The ALAC will then select  
>from amongst those names submitted the single individual for each  
>region to the NomCom.
>Of the currently sitting NomCom members appointed by At-Large, only  
>Sebastian Ricciardi is eligible for a second term. All other ALAC- 
>appointed NomCom members are term-limited.
>This is entirely up to them. Regions could decide to have formal  
>elections to choose one name, or three names, or any number of names  
>to forward to ALAC; they could ask for volunteers and send the entire  
>list to ALAC. It is completely up to the region. I provided the  
>Secretariats with the option - if a region so chooses, and because it  
>was clear to me that some regions might be holding an election - of  
>using the voting system which At-Large already has. I made this offer  
>not to suggest any course of action, but simply to make it easier to  
>manage a vote. There is no obligation to use this tool, just as there  
>is no obligation to hold a vote. There is no set way to hold the  
>selection if the tool is used; the tool itself is very flexible and  
>can, for example, produce 1 'winner', just as it can be setup to  
>provide a ranked list of the whole candidate pool in order of  
>Below is an excerpt from an email from Adam Peake of the NomCom:
>Timeline of the 2007 committee might help:
>* Announcement of Formal Call --1 February 2007
>* Deadline of Formal Call for Full Consideration -- 1 May 2007
>* Deadline extended until 18 May 2007 23:59 UTC
>* Review and Evaluation -- May to early July
>* Face-to-Face Meeting and Selection -- early July 2007
>* Results Announced to ICANN Secretary -- before 2 October 2007
>* Selected candidates take their positions as the conclusion of the  
>ICANN General Meeting 2007, 2 November 2007
>The 2007 NomCom held it's first meeting after the Sao Paulo ICANN  
>meeting (December 8 and 9).  The 2007 AGM in LA is earlier, so the  
>2008 schedule may move forward a month.
>The commitment is essentially:
>To be able to attend one ICANN meeting (i.e. LA), ideally for the  
>full meeting (from Monday Oct. 29) but at least to be there for the  
>NomCom session which will be the afternoon of Friday Nov 2, and all  
>day Saturday November 3.
>NomCom's final task is the selection meeting, a requirement for all  
>members.  The meeting usually takes 3 full days.  The location and  
>date will be decided by the NomCom. Usually the location is  
>wherever's easiest for the majority, or the chair's choice. Likely  
>timing is June or July 2008.  So the NomCom works from November 2007  
>to mid-summer 2008.
>Work during the period from the first face to face meeting to the end  
>of recruitment includes approx 6 conference calls of the full  
>committee. i.e. around one call every 6 weeks. Members should recruit  
>candidates, and how much time they take doing that is a personal  
>choice.  But it can take some hours.  If each member recruits 5  
>candidates then there would be over 100 candidates in the pool.  Took  
>a lot of effort to get 90 candidates this year, and people worked  
>hard at recruitment.
>The main work (time) begins once recruitment has finished.  All  
>candidates will give the names of 3 or 4 people who provide  
>references.  Chasing these references (making sure people submit  
>them) can take some time. Each candidates submits a statement of  
>interest (SOI), essentially an application form these a usually 4-5  
>pages. 90 SOIs is 2007, add 3 or 4 references for each candidate and  
>it adds up to a lot of reading. Members should be familiar with all  
>There is a burst of activity as the date of the selection meeting  
>approaches. NomCom usually breaks into sub-groups that evaluate  
>candidates in detail.  There might be 3 or 4 2-hour teleconferences  
>during this period of about 3 weeks.
>Some NomCom members, particularly those not very familiar with ICANN  
>may be asked to attend one of the other ICANN meetings held in the  
>early part of 2008.  But this is not required, and is for the chair  
>to decide.
>Overall, the NomCom is a reasonably light time commitment by ICANN  
>working group standards. However, the commitment toward the end of  
>the process is intense. I expect during June and perhaps early July  
>depending on the timing of the selection meeting, NomCom will be  
>quite time consuming, many calls and a lot of reading.
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