[EURO-Discuss] Funding Request and Draft Agenda for EURALO Board meeting

Nick Ashton-Hart nick.ashton-hart at icann.org
Wed Aug 15 04:01:10 EDT 2007

Many thanks for your note and the time taken to work up your request.

ICANN will not be able to finance a purely face-to-face meeting of EURALO at
the present time, for the reasons previously enumerated to the list:

1) The region was invited to Lisbon only this past March
2) The region will be invited to the European meeting in June 2008
3) Only in the most extraordinary circumstances do regions meet more than
once per year with ICANN financial support.

The best way to create an extraordinary circumstance is to create a work
process which provides for online, non-F2F policy development work. This
would include a schedule for developing positions, keeping to those
schedules, members of the region actively involved in the development of
policy with other parts of At-Large. ICANN is happy to provide for
teleconference facilities and the like; this could even be done as a part of
the Studienkreis, where those members of EURALO who are already attending
the meeting could be linked via teleconference to those who will not be

All other communities and stakeholder groups who participate in ICANN manage
to do a steady stream of work which takes place largely online and via
teleconferences. It is not sustainable for At-Large to do the vast bulk of
the community's work at F2F meetings.

Other parts of At-Large have already setup a monthly teleconference on a set
date and time and are increasingly active on policy development in between
those monthly meetings. I note the excellent agenda you've provided and draw
your attention to the fact that this agenda would make an excellent one for
a group teleconference. I have offered to organise a teleconference for the
EURALO board on more than one occasion; I hope that you will take that
suggestion up soon and begin to do the great work which everyone believes
the EURALO can do!

On 14/8/07 22:47, "Wolf Ludwig" <wolf.ludwig at comunica-ch.net> wrote:

> Dear Nick,
> as was mentioned on the list, some of the EURALO board members happened to
> meet in Meissen at the first European School on Internet Governance two weeks
> ago. We took the opportunity to informally discuss EURALO issues and how best
> to get started.
> Some board and non-board members present (Jeanette, Bill, Wolfgang, Annette
> and me) thought that the ICANN-Studienkreis meeting planed at the beginning of
> October 07 (11./12.10.) in Warsaw would offer an almost perfect opportunity to
> have a first kick-off meeting of the EURALO board. Others on the listserv had
> previously supported this view as well.
> We believe that Warsaw offers an excellent ­ and last ­ chance this year for
> the rather newly elected EURALO board and chairs to meet and to get all the
> working issues and planning 07-08 discussed in a coherent and inclusive way
> (see attached draft agenda).
> Furthermore we believe that the attached Funding Request for this board
> meeting seems to be rather modest and the presumable results of such a
> physical board meeting will exceed the travel reimbursements and stay-over
> costs needed (Euro 4,500.00).
> We would highly appreciate a favourable consideration of our Funding Request
> and a decision on it in due time to enable the board members to make the
> necessary (and cheaper) travel arrangements for Warsaw.
> Thanks and best regards,
> Wolf
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