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Christoph Bruch bruch at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Wed Jan 18 19:35:00 UTC 2017

Dear Oksana,


I have noted your self-nomination.


Please accept that I will announce my support for a candidate once we have a full list of candidates.


Best regards,





Von: Oksana Prykhodko [mailto:sana.pryhod at gmail.com] 
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 18. Januar 2017 16:09
An: Christoph Bruch
Betreff: hoping for your support


Dear Christoph,

My best wishes for healthy and prosperous New 2017 Year!

How are you?

Can I ask for your support for my nomination for EURALO seat in ALAC?

Hoping for your help,

Best regards,

Oksana Prykhodko


>From my self-nomination:

I would like to nominate myself for EURALO ALAC position to replace Veronica Cretu from Moldova. I think Internet users of Eastern Europe are underrepresented in ALAC and ICANN, and gender and regional balance is extremely important for effective functioning of global multistakeholder organization.

On other side, Eastern European users lack knowledge and understanding of ICANN activity and concept of multistakeholderism, and I and my organization do our best to fill this gap.

I am founder and director of iNGO “European Media Platform” with head-quarter in Kyiv, Ukraine (since 2010).

As a journalist and media expert in the past, I covered activity of the Council of Europe and was the member of the Group of Specialists on Human Rights in the Information Society (MC-S-IS) of the Council of Europe Steering Committee on the media and new communication services (CDMC). In 2006 I was invited by the Council of Europe as a journalist to cover first Internet Governance Forum in Athens, and saw huge potential of new (for me) domain – Internet Governance and multistakeholderism. And in 2010 I initiated IGF-UA and since that time I am a member of IGF-UA Steering Committee (in 2016 we had IGF-UA VII with ICANN as co-organizer). Actively participate in Southern-Eastern Dialogue on Internet Governance (SEEDIG) and EuroDIG, organized several workshops at global IGF. Member of Working Group on National and Regional Initiatives on Internet Governance (NRIs).

In 2010 my organization became At-Large structure, and I was elected as EURALO Secretary (for two years).

Actively participated in ICANN IDN Variant TLD Group of Experts (Cyrillic script), now member of ALAC Board Member Selection Process Committee (BMSPC), EURALO Bylaws Taskforce WG and EURALO Task Force on ALS engagement.

Organizer of numerous remote hubs in Ukraine for ICANN meeting, EuroDIG and IGF. Organizer of Safer Internet Days in Ukraine.

Participant of NetMundial.

Member of At-Large Councils at two Ukrainian governmental structures (State Service of Special Communication and Protection of Information and State Agency on e-government, which is responsible for Internet governance issues in Ukraine). It was our achievement to activate Ukraine representation in GAC (our official representative in GAC will participate for the first time in ICANN meeting in person in Copenhagen).

Founder and organizer of international Forum “Media for Information Society”, initiator of multistakeholder Working Group on cybersecurity.

In 2009 I graduated European Summer School on Internet Governance in Meissen, in 2010 participated in ICANN Fellowship Program. Graduated Diplo Foundation Courses on Internet Governance.

We pioneered to use the term of multistakeholderism in Ukrainian, and translated a lot of materials on Internet Governance into Ukrainian and Russian (among them - Olivier's analyses of WCIT and some articles of Wolfgang Kleinwachter).

My priority in At-Large - to help post-soviet communities to understand multistakeholderism and ICANN and to help ICANN to understand us.


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