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Hello all,

I'd like to fully support and endorse the nomination of Bastiaan.



On 01/09/2017 03:55 PM, Bastiaan Goslings wrote:
> Hi all,
> Thanks a lot for sharing, Olivier.
> This is most unfortunate. I remember well nominating myself and
> taking part in the elections that led to Veronica deservedly winning
> the EURALO ALAC position. The outcome we now face is obviously not
> according to plan. However I completely understand, and I sincerely
> wish Veronica all the best on her further endeavours and hope she
> will stay linked and remain available to the community to assist us
> with her knowledge, network and experience if need be.
> As ‘time is of the essence’, I gave it some thought, talked to a few
> people, and decided to nominate myself once more for this EURALO ALAC
> seat. I not only feel a moral obligation to do so, considering the
> circumstances. More importantly I still think I can add value for the
> At-large community by bringing my background, commitment, eagerness
> to learn, and the time necessary to help protect the interests of
> Internet users in an ICANN context. Due to personal circumstances I
> have more time available than before, which from a practical
> perspective should help to quickly bring myself up to speed.
> (To be honest, since losing the previous election, I distanced myself
> somewhat from ICANN/At Large activities. Mostly because I was swamped
> by work, which combined with other obligations and personal
> challenges led to a situation that I had to miss a large number of
> conference calls. And then one looses touch with developments, at
> least I did.)
> I am aware some might feel that from a ‘diversity’ standpoint I might
> be less than an ideal candidate. That has not changed since my last
> nomination. Despite this I trust people will take my nomination and
> my potential qualities at face value.
> My statement of interest:
> https://community.icann.org/display/atlarge/Bastiaan+Goslings+SOI
> And a copy/paste from my previous nomination, just in case:
> —-
> Working as the regulatory affairs spokesperson for one of the world’s
> largest Internet Exchanges (AMS-IX), I have attended a few ICANN
> meetings over the years, using them mainly as important industry
> events for networking purposes. But since attending the ATLAS II
> summit on behalf of the Dutch ISOC chapter, of which I am a board
> member, and all the IANA transition- and accountability discussions
> and work that followed, I felt that I should bring something back to
> the community seeing the important transition phase the
> multistakeholder community finds itself in. I guess that now that I
> have the time I should make the commitment. Or at least offer to do
> so.
> I am an economist, became an information analyst and project
> manager/ICT consultant, and was later also trained as a network
> engineer and UNIX sysadmin. Before I got into policy matters and
> (telecommunications’) legislation. On behalf of my employer I spend a
> lot of time at ministries and going to meetings and conferences,
> spreading the gospel of how the internet technically works and how
> through collaboration decisions are made and why therefore the
> internet has grown into the phenomenon that take we in the West now
> sometimes take for granted. In the Netherlands the succes has led to
> the setting up a year ago, and I was part of it from the start, of a
> new industry body, the Digital Infrastructure Netherlands platform.
> Which we very successfully use to propagate the message that we have
> something, albeit it slightly hidden, that we can build on to bring
> further future wealth and wellbeing for all. If we keep the right
> conditions in mind. And on the other hand that we cannot do it alone
> and we need all stakeholders on board to battle the negative side
> effects of a well functioning reliable, cheap and neutral internet
> infrastructure (e.g. abuse).
> I am the liaison for AMS-IX in the GSMA and have participated there
> in policy development related to the interconnection of mobile
> networks, especially when it comes to (international) roaming. I
> continue to be surprised at the completely different mindset and
> business approach of the traditional telco’s, as opposed to the way
> IP-networks interconnect and peer with each other to deliver internet
> services and create end-to-end connectivity for end-users and
> devices. But being aware of this definitely helps when providing
> Dutch governmental representatives input when they’re preparing for
> their next ITU gathering.
> A bit of further context: in the ISOC Netherlands board I am
> responsible for the dossiers related to (new legislation) for Dutch
> LEA’s and intelligence agencies, and I participate in public private
> cooperations to mitigate the impact of botnets as well as to improve
> the use of open and secure internet standards (DNSSEC, TLS, DKIM,
> IPv6 etc). I works closely with the RIPE community (the NCC is also
> based in Amsterdam), and I am the chair of the Euro-IX Regulatory
> Affairs Working Group (Euro-IX is an association for Internet
> Exchanges). I (co)organised and hosted workshops at global and
> national IGFs. I interact a lot with civil servants, politicians,
> NRA’s, LEA’s, and private sector stakeholders.
> The business of the non profit company I work is neutral and very
> technology oriented. Some argue that the same applies to ICANN when
> you look purely at its technical remit. While that might sound
> reasonable, I sincerely believe that the interests of end-users, i.e.
> what ALAC stands for, requires continued and probably even stronger
> future focus as commercial and political pressures are becoming more
> and more dominant. To be honest I would need to catch up on the
> specifics of current relevant ICANN policy developments. However
> topics and liaison roles where I think I could add value within the
> ALAC are a.o. with regard to interests of LEA’s and the GAC, the
> topic of Human Rights (I did some work with fellow ISOC Netherlands
> colleague Niels ten Oever in the CCWG WS2 subgroup on Human Rights),
> the role and liability of intermediaries and connectivity providers
> (ISPCP), as well as technical and security related discussions.
> —-
> Thanks for accepting this statement of interest, and I’m sure you
> will let me know in case there are any remarks and/or questions.
> With kind regards, Bastiaan
> --
> Bastiaan Goslings AMS-IX Governance and Policy Officer
> AMS-IX B.V.				tel:		+31 20 5141712 Frederiksplein 42			mob:	+31 6
> 23179165 1017 XN Amsterdam
> https://ams-ix.net			bastiaan.goslings at ams-ix.net
>> On 6 Jan 2017, at 09:28, Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond <ocl at gih.com>
>> wrote:
>> Dear EURALO members,
>> I join Alan Greenberg, ALAC Chair, in regretting Veronica Cretu's
>> resignation as an ALAC member.
>> Having received her resignation email too, I congratulated her on
>> her career success. But Veronica is not leaving our community
>> altogether: she has confirmed to me that she will remain involved
>> in EURALO and following EURALO's work. I wish her every success in
>> the future.
>> In the meantime, I will ask the EURALO Board to decide on the
>> selection of a new ALAC member to fill her seat, with the
>> understanding that time is of the essence, since the ICANN
>> Copenhagen meeting is not far away.
>> Finally, Best Wishes for a Happy, Prosperous, and Healthy New Year
>> 2017
>> Olivier
>> -------- Forwarded Message -------- Subject:	[ALAC] ALAC
>> Resignation Date:	Thu, 5 Jan 2017 14:30:50 -0500 From:	Alan
>> Greenberg <alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca> To:	ALAC
>> <alac at atlarge-lists.icann.org>
>> It is with regret that I must announce that Veronica Cretu has 
>> submitted her resignation as an ALAC Member.
>> When she agreed to run for the ALAC position within EURALO, she 
>> believed that she would have sufficient time to devote to ICANN.
>> Due to a number of ongoing and new professional assignments, she
>> feels that is no longer the case. Veronica is not the type of
>> person to make a commitment to work with the ALAC and then not
>> deliver on her commitment, so she feels that in good conscience,
>> she must resign.
>> I have notified Olivier Crepin-Leblond, Chair of EURALO and he
>> along with the EURALO Board will decide how to fill the vacancy.
>> Hopefully this will be done with due haste to allow EURALO to be
>> fully represented on the ALAC and in Copenhagen.
>> Veronica holds a number of positions on ALAC sub-groups, and I will
>>  be working with EURALO and the two remaining European ALAC members
>> to ensure that EURALO is well represented.
>> Alan
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