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Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond ocl at gih.com
Fri Jan 6 08:28:46 UTC 2017

Dear EURALO members,

I join Alan Greenberg, ALAC Chair, in regretting Veronica Cretu's
resignation as an ALAC member.

Having received her resignation email too, I congratulated her on her
career success. But Veronica is not leaving our community altogether:
she has confirmed to me that she will remain involved in EURALO and
following EURALO's work. I wish her every success in the future.

In the meantime, I will ask the EURALO Board to decide on the selection
of a new ALAC member to fill her seat, with the understanding that time
is of the essence, since the ICANN Copenhagen meeting is not far away.

Finally, Best Wishes for a Happy, Prosperous, and Healthy New Year 2017


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It is with regret that I must announce that Veronica Cretu has 
submitted her resignation as an ALAC Member.

When she agreed to run for the ALAC position within EURALO, she 
believed that she would have sufficient time to devote to ICANN. Due 
to a number of ongoing and new professional assignments, she feels 
that is no longer the case. Veronica is not the type of person to 
make a commitment to work with the ALAC and then not deliver on her 
commitment, so she feels that in good conscience, she must resign.

I have notified Olivier Crepin-Leblond, Chair of EURALO and he along 
with the EURALO Board will decide how to fill the vacancy. Hopefully 
this will be done with due haste to allow EURALO to be fully 
represented on the ALAC and in Copenhagen.

Veronica holds a number of positions on ALAC sub-groups, and I will 
be working with EURALO and the two remaining European ALAC members to 
ensure that EURALO is well represented.


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