[EURO-Discuss] Youth IGF and Youth IGF Ukraine on the 28.09

TaC International contact at againstcybercrime.eu
Tue Sep 13 16:37:51 UTC 2016


Dear all,  

I'm happy to announce that Youth IGF movement is growing, and foreseen
to take place in more that 12 countries this year and before the IGF

Our third meeting, the Youth IGF Ukraine will take place in Kiev on the
28th of September, please join us their:

The global website of the Youth IGF: www.youthigf.com [1] 

If you have ideas and suggestions, we will be happy to work together.  

I have to mention and to thank also ICANN Board members for their

Warm regards, Yuliya  

[1] http://www.youthigf.com
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