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Manuel Schneider manuel.schneider at wikimedia.ch
Fri Jun 28 08:43:35 UTC 2013

Hi Oksana,

Am 28.06.2013 06:25, schrieb EMP:
> I insist, that the words
> *There is no majority required as stated by EURALO’s bylaws (11.18 and
> 11.20), a second round (run-off vote) will be held online in a few days
> after the meeting.*
> were not said during GA and that is why have to be removed from minutes.

this is now interfering with a discussion you already had with Wolf and
the others yesterday on this very same list. There was some opposition
and further remarks. So iterating the arguments doesn't get us anywhere.

Instead, the board meet yesterday and decided (the minutes are currently
being prepared, so please give Silvia some time to finish that first
before she comes back to the minutes of the GA) to go another way. This
statement will be removed because it has indeed not being said that way
but another statement will be added that the election has been contested
right after the GA, so the result is incompatible with the bylaws.

> Moreover, on the page
> EURALO Elections, Selections and Appointments 2013
> https://community.icann.org/display/EURALO/EURALO+Elections%2C+Selections+and+Appointments+2013
> there is the statement
> *Oksana Prykhodko selected*
> (at least there is at the moment of citing).

That was a false (too quick) update of that page by Silvia, not aware of
the problems which have occured as she was not present in Lisbon. This
might have to be corrected, based on the outcome of the current vote.

Feel free to remove that statement.

> Also I did not see any decision from "reviewing team", which was appointed
> at EURALO Board meeting:
>    - at least three people will be nominated to review the bylaws until
>    2013-06-21 13:00 UTC
>    - Jordi Iparraguirre
>       - Oliver Passek
>       - Yrö Länsipuro
>       - Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond
> What does it mean?

That decision has been communicated internally (within the board),
Olivier has sent two mails to Wolf on behalf of Oliver Passek, Jordi
Iparraguirre, Stefan Hügel, him and me who sat together at Friday
morning to the review together, Yrjö has communicated his opinion on
2013-06-22 on this mailing list.

As the outcomes were unanimous across everyone who participated I am
sure that your own review will lead to the same result. Just have a look at
Relevant article is 11.20.

There are a few more findings in how we could improve the board
composition and work in the future but those are not urgent - there is
no incompatibility with what we do today and the bylaws except for the
secretariat election. So we want to fix the urgent issue now to finally
have a complete and working board, then we will take the time and come
back later to improve.

But please, let us get over this issue now. It is tense for everyone and
I assume especially for those in the center of this conflict, you, Yulja
and Wolf.

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