[EURO-Discuss] EURALO thematic priorities from Lisbon GA

Patrick Vande Walle patrick at vande-walle.eu
Wed Jun 26 16:25:53 UTC 2013

I agree with Bill.

Euralo is a creature of ICANN and should focus on issues within ICANN's
remit: IP address allocation on a global level, gTLDs and security and
stability of the DNS.  Net neutrality in the context of ICANN does not
mean much, if anything at all.  I agree net neutrality, accessibility,
etc are all very important topics. They are just not relevant to ICANN.

I would go one step further and suggest to not hijack the resources that
ICANN allocates to Euralo to discuss non-ICANN related issues. This
should be taken to other mailing lists, wikis, etc, hosted elsewhere.


On 25/06/13 10:07, William Drake wrote:
> Hi Wolf
> Nice seeing you and everyone in Lisbon.
> Just one question: I see you've put me down in a net neutrality group.  It's an important topic of course, but I don't quite see it as an ICANN matter in the first instance.  Ditto open access, accessibility and inclusion.  Did you have something specific in mind in relation to our mandate that I'm missing?
> Personally, rather than drilling down into any one substantive policy area, I would rather allocate my At Large bandwidth to the general state of noncommercial/civil society participation and inputs within our vaunted multistakeholder system.  Here I could see synergies with not only the larger At Large and ALAC but also NCSG and its constituencies as well.  I'd argue there's a growing need for work on that given the new gTLD program, resurgent GAC, the bypassing of the community policy processes and unilateral staff/board actions, etc.

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