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Wolf Ludwig wolf.ludwig at comunica-ch.net
Tue Jun 25 22:38:06 UTC 2013

Hi Bill,

thanks for your feedback. Please find my remarks inserted below.

 William Drake wrote Tue, 25 Jun 2013 10:07
>Just one question: I see you've put me down in a net neutrality group.  It's an important topic of course, but I don't quite see it as an ICANN matter in the first instance.  Ditto open access, accessibility and inclusion.  Did you have something specific in mind in relation to our mandate that I'm missing?

(Wolf) Well, as you may recall from our Lisbon GA last Wednesday, under agenda item C 10 - 12, we discussed "EURALO assessment and functioning" and definition of thematic priorities where EURALO can provide special expertise and may assure follow-up. Usually, we are asked by ICANN and ALAC to provide our regional advice on all sorts of issues where we are often not specialized. And when we discuss options for a better involvement and participation at ALAC, I think it's reasonable to ask our members in a bottom-up manner what *their* thematic priorities are. As a (first) outcome of this discussion last Wednesday, we listed and approved these 5 regional priorities -- while you were in the room to my memory.

>Personally, rather than drilling down into any one substantive policy area, I would rather allocate my At Large bandwidth to the general state of noncommercial/civil society participation and inputs within our vaunted multistakeholder system.  Here I could see synergies with not only the larger At Large and ALAC but also NCSG and its constituencies as well.  I'd argue there's a growing need for work on that given the new gTLD program, resurgent GAC, the bypassing of the community policy processes and unilateral staff/board actions, etc.

(Wolf) The listing of names under each topic is "preliminary and incomplete" (as I mentioned below) and nobody is captured for anything, and I will put off your name. You can use and allocate your At-Large bandwidth for anything you consider appropriate -- as you said above.

>On Jun 25, 2013, at 1:31 AM, Wolf Ludwig <wolf.ludwig at comunica-ch.net> wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> as announced last week, attached please find a list of *EURALO's thematic priorities* as discussed and defined in Lisbon under our Agenda item C 11. with 5 key topics where we may provide special expertise and follow-up on the ALAC level.
>> Please note that the listing of names under each topic is preliminary and incomplete according TMK of particular personal and ALS specialization. Please add your names wherever you want to contribute in case of EURALO inputs needed – Thanks! 
>> This list may serve as an Annex / Amendum for the Lisbon GA minutes to be considered -- and once completed with more names to be added to our Workspace.
>> Thanks and regards,
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