[EURO-Discuss] EURALO thematic priorities from Lisbon GA

Manuel Schneider manuel.schneider at wikimedia.ch
Tue Jun 25 07:30:27 UTC 2013

Thanks Wolf for the document!

A) I have integrated the information into the minutes of the last EURALO
Board Meeting. As I haven't got any other remarks and the gaps are now
filled I consider the minutes to be final, anyway Oksana has leaked them
to the public list already yesterday.

Please find the minutes of the EURALO Board Meeting at June 20th in
Lisbon here:

B) I see a lot of addresses in CC of this mail - Jordi, Oliver, Annette
and Staff - are they not subscribed to EURO-Discuss? This would be
important to know, to include them whenever needed.

C) I'd like to encourage all of you to rather use the Wiki for the
creation of such documents and better send a link, than a docx file
attached to a mail.

C.1) it's much easier to edit collaboratively - sending edited files and
later integrating changes is a nightmare

C.2) many of us can't read the attachments, may it because they are
using free software and docx is a proprietary format or because they are
reading their mails on the go on mobile devices

C.3) double work writing and sending the file first, later copying to
the wiki anyway

I know that not everything can be published on the wiki right away but I
want to encourage it wherever it makes sense. It really helps a lot to
get people to collaborate.


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