[EURO-Discuss] Proposal to move forward regarding the election of Euralo officers

Wolf Ludwig wolf.ludwig at comunica-ch.net
Mon Jun 24 14:50:09 UTC 2013

Dear Sébastien and all,

first of all, let me thank all of you for coming to Lisbon for the GA and EuroDIG what was an important momentum in the EURALO history, as Sébastien noted below. And I agree there are a lot of opportunities ahead we shouldn't miss!

Among the first, I hope that the re-composed Board with some new members will be more committed and functional than in the past where it was a mere paper construct and dis-functional to fulfill any of the functions or tasks assigned to this body in our Bylaws. And I agree with Sébastien that the new Board should have all the important roles he outlined below (and in better accordance to out Bylaws). For the moment, I would like to see this happen over the next twelve months until our next GA assumingly in June 2014 in London. Then we will see and know whether this was more than just "wishful thinking" like in the past. If it proofs to *work*, the model described by Sébastien below should be applied -- but for the moment, I dare to have some doubts particularly in terms of *practicality*.

Therefore let me suggest some more realistic modifications for the moment:
- the previous Secretariat has not worked and won't fulfill its tasks and role in the upcoming term, and I am strictly not willing to risk and loose another two years in our change of generation strategy (outlined in the last Board report);
- the Chair *must* count on the second element of the leadership what is the Secretariat to be fully operational seen all the challenges ahead;
- RALO Officers only who fulfill their duties and perform their role properly should be rewarded by attending ICANN meetings and the like;
- as repeatedly explained in Lisbon, I need to have confidence in my co-leadership what is the Secretariat at the moment;
- depending on the outcome of the 2nd Online (run-off) vote, Yuliya should do the Secretariat until the next GA in London in summer 2014;
- Oksana can do the coordination or shepherding for the Board to make this body as operational as it should be;
- if this scenario becomes true until London, we can re-discuss and re-define roles and responsibilities the way outlined by Sébastien (Yuliya as Vice-Chair, Oksana as Secretariat) to broaden EURALO's leaderships structure and basis;
- this 2014 model then could pave the way for the change of generation in 2015 (when I wouldn't be involved in the leadership any more).

For the moment, Officers must do the job and perform in their role they are designed and selected for! And all involved have a chance to proof their performance until London. Thanks for your consideration and 

kind regards,

Sébastien Bachollet wrote Sun, 23 Jun 2013 11:06:
>Let me first congratulate Wolf for the well organized Euralo GA and all of
>you for your participation.
>I can assure you also that Fadi Chehade was very appreciative of the work
>done and the level of the discussion during the GA.
>It is important not to loose this momentum.
>Now we have, to completely finalize the agenda of the GA, to agree on the
>way to select/elect the Euralo Officers.
>It is the object of the message now.
>Since the end of the EURALO GA in Lisbon, a lot of discussions and meetings
>took place regarding the elections of the officers.
>I talk with some of you and specifically with Wolf, Yuliya and Oksana.
>Both of them agree with me verbally on the following proposal and therefore
>I would like to suggest a way to move forward.
>If we want to apply the bylaws regarding the election of Euralo Officers we
>need to refer to the following article
>9.6.1 The Chair of the Board, and a Vice-Chair, shall be elected by the
>Board subsequent to the election of the Board, subject to 9.6.4, from
>amongst those Board members willing to serve.
>And regarding the secretariat we have
>12.1 A Secretariat, composed of professional individual(s), may be appointed
>or engaged on a paid or unpaid basis by the Board in order to handle the
>administrative requirements of the Association.
>Therefore a meeting of the Euralo Board must be organized ASAP to discuss
>the issue and finalize an agreement, regarding the election of the officers,
>as it is the full responsibility of the Board.
>The Board take as a informal inputs the vote of the GA regarding the
>secretariat position.
>The Board vote on the following motion (draft proposition):
>"Taking into account article 9.6.1 and 12.1 (and other articles) of the
>Euralo bylaws, the Board decide to appoint
>As Chair: Wolf Ludwig
>As Vice-Chair : Yuliya Morenets
>As (unpaid) Secretariat of the Board : Oksana Prykhodko.
>The term of office shall last for 2 years."
>It may need some more legalistic review in the writing ;)
>I hope it is acceptable by all of you and that the Euralo can move forward.
>I hope also that the full Board of Euralo will help the 3 (future) officers
>and get involved in the policy development to have the voice of the European
>End-Users included as much as possible.
>If you have any question, I will try to answer them.
>Thanks for your involvement.
>All the best
>Sébastien Bachollet
>+33 6 07 66 89 33
>Blog: http://sebastien.bachollet.fr/
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