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Wolf Ludwig wolf.ludwig at comunica-ch.net
Fri Jun 14 22:19:40 UTC 2013

Dear all,

the nomination period for EURALO Officers closed by today. And this is just to confirm that I *accept* the nomination by Annette below. I would like to thank Annette and all other supporters for their confidence expressed by this.

Kind regards,

Annette Muehlberg wrote Sunday, 2 June 2013 17:23
>Dear Wolf,  dear all,
>sorry for answering that late, but I just realized that the second part of
>your mail is about nominations for the GA-elections in Lisbon. I would have
>expected to see a seperate nomination announcement by staff. But as I
>understand the nominations have been opened since the 27th of May.
>For the elections in Lisbon -- see draft agenda (point B 9) -- I would like
>to nominate for
>a) the Chair: Wolf Ludwig (the incumbent) and for
>b) the Secretariat: Yulya Morenets (new - from TaC, France) and
>c) the Board: the current Board members (if they wish to continue or being
>partly replaced by new members) -- see:
>Personally I would like to continue on the Board. I am aware that due to my
>involvement in the Enquête-Commission of the German Parliament I had not
>much capacities left for EURALO, but as the work of the Enquête-Commission
>has been completed last month, I would like to contribute more to EURALO
>All the best
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>Betreff: [EURO-Discuss] Final preparations for Lisbon GA -- last inputs
>Dear all,
>we just completed our last monthly call before the upcoming Lisbon GA in
>June and discussed some last organisational points (among others).
>Please note: Hotel rooms are booked for all registered participants for
>19-20 June or two nights at the Altis hotel (what is the EURALO GA and
>EuroDIG venue):
>http://www.altishotels.com/EN/ and
>As you may have noticed, I circulated a draft of the Board report 2012-13
>FYI today what needs to be approved as a regular part of our GA.
>We are on the way to finalize our Agenda for Lisbon with three parts:
>a) a formal one reflecting usual Bylaw requirements (quorum, report and
>re-/elections of officers)
>b) key and intro speakers (Sébastien, Nigel and Olivier) and
>c) the *content part* on org. assessment (strength and weaknesses),
>definition of EURALO¹s key themes and priorities, and how to improve and
>strengthen our member¹s involvement in regular activities.
>Your suggestions for the agenda parts are welcome! See:
>As we need to conduct re-/elections for Officers and functions at the Lisbon
>GA (see point 6 of the Board report), we need to follow some procedural
>requirements fixed in our Bylaws. The regional officer selections will be
>held at the GA, the proposed schedule, Draft Election Timetable is as
>1. Nominations Open: 27 May
>2. Nominations Close: 14 June
>3. Nomination Acceptance by candidates: On or before 18 June
>4. Listing of candidates for the GA: Between 18-19 June
>5. Voting Results announced: 19 June at the GA and meeting minutes.
>Last but not least: Please don¹t forget to get registered for EuroDIG what
>you have to do by yourself ASAP (some of you did already) to provide some
>planning security for the organizers ­ see:
>Thanks for your support and I am pleased to welcome most of you soon in
>Kind regards,
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