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Dear all,
I refer to the email sent by the Representative of ApTI and feel the
need to bring clarity, as a non-fact based information of a defamation
nature was spread to the community and can affect the image and the
work done by the organization I lead, TaC-Together against Cybercrime,
the team and dozen of volunteers doing great job every day to empower
users in the field of safe and responsible Internet.
Furthermore the neutrality was broken during a sensible nominating
period, as ApTI mail can affect and influence other members of the
To bring facts to the community, I would like to underline:
1. TaC is a non for profit working on cybercrime, cybersecurity and
Internet governance. Strong focus is empowerment of users and the most
vulnerable, as well as Child online protection.
2. Our work is based on transparency, constructive dialogue with all
parties and consensus to achieve our main objective and develop
projects in the field of safe and responsible use of the Internet by
3. TaC (represented by myself at this meeting) attended Clean IT ( EU
funded project on the fight against terrorism led by the Dutch
Ministry of Interior) after the invitation to deliver the presentation
on the statistics received from our Academic survey on the violent
behavior of Youth in the Internet sphere. 
TaC supported the need to fight against use of the Internet for
terrorist purposes in the respect of fundamental principles, as stated
by the European Convention on Human Rights and to ensure that the
principle of the freedom of expression in the Internet sphere will not
be affected.TaC is mentioned as participant on the website quoted by
4.  TaC was invited by the European Commission to work on the
users-generated content (one of the aspects of copyright). ApTI via
EDRi is a member of the expert Group as well.
To deliver concrete results TaC proposed to the members of the Group
to work on the Strategy on transparency and legal certainty when
reusing others' content in UGC. This was supported by the majority,
civil society, Industry, governmental representatives and other
experts. The work is under progress.  All mentioned information can
be verified on the websites of the mentioned meetings and organizers.
All other sources of information can bring uncertainty. 
I would appreciate if this discussion would stop here and at any time
would go to the personal level.
All the best, 
Yuliya Morenets (Ms)
On behalf of, 
 TaC InternationalTogether against Cybercrime
InternationalHeadquarterF-28, rue d'Ypres67000 Strasbourg-France
Paris officeF-19, rue Dantzig75015 Paris-France
Tel.: +33 369731460Fax.: +33 972377401
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From: "Bogdan Manolea /ApTI" 
To:"Discussion for At-Large Europe" 
Sent:Wed, 12 Jun 2013 14:39:31 +0300
Subject:Re: [EURO-Discuss] Final preparations for Lisbon GA --

 Hi all,

 We would like to second Vladimir's proposals:
 - Wolf for the Chair, and
 - Oksana for the Secretariat - not necessarily from the point of
view of 
 regional balance, but mainly for her work so far and her experience
 the IG issues. (and hope she would be able to come to the Lisbon

 At the same time, after some discussions within our association and
 other associations members of EDRi (as you might know ApTI is a
 of European Digital Rights - EDRi) we would like to refrain (even 
 indirectly) from supporting the work that Together against
 (TaC) and Yulia has been involved lately - and I mean here
 participation in:

 - the CleanIT project (A very unclear project that was trying to
 for voluntary blocking by ISPs and other crazy measures 
http://www.cleanitproject.eu/partners-and-participants/ [1]) and
 - the Licences for Europe - user-generated content consultations
 it was the only representative of the "user" groups that, in fact,
 out that they supported the music industry suggestions).

 Of course, any NGO is free to do whatever they want, but we, as
 feel that it should be clear that EURALO and its representatives
 support Internet users interests in all their activities and
 work for protecting their rights in the digital world.

 Please note that I have never met personally Yulia, so don't take
 personally in any way (or as anything of this sort), but we just
 that these principles need to be discussed in the GA in Lisbon
 any vote.

 Also, I feel like I need to make this statement here, as,
 I won't be in the Lisbon GA and Adela, the primary contact for ApTI
 EURALO, just changed her job and will not be able to take care of
the IG 
 issues in ApTI in the future. FYI, we will have a colleague going to
 Lisbon GA, but she is young and inexperienced, so I don't want to
 her to explain such a complicated issue as the one above.

 PS: Of course, we would also support Veronica and Olivier for their 

 Best regards

 Bogdan Manolea
 Director Executiv
 Asociatia pentru Tehnologie si Internet - ApTI
 +40 721 205 603
www.apti.ro [2]

 On 06/07/2013 03:36 PM, Vladimir Kukovsky wrote:
 > Dear all,
 > proposals for the Lisbon elections:
 > a) the Chair: I would like to support for Wolf Ludwig nomination;
 > b) the Secretariat: I would like to nominate for Oksana Prykhodko
 > (the incumbent). Oksana uses each opportunity to share information
 > ICANN/At-Large/EURALO, to promote the concept of
 > to build personal contacts between key actors across the borders.
 > Ukrainian Internet Association focuses its activity on
 > and accountability of all IG processes, and that is why we support
 > efforts of EMP to translate and explain ICANN-related information
 > into Russian/Ukrainian, to work on capacity building, to encourage
 > more active involvement of end users in Internet governance. East
 > Europe is underrepresented in EURALO, that is why it is important
 > keep our representative in EURALO Board from the point of view of
 > regional balance. So, I would like to nominate for the Secretariat
 > Oksana Prykhodko.
 > Best regards, Vladimir Kukovsky
 > __________________________________________________________
 > Director of the Ukrainian Internet Association tel. +38 044
 > mob. +38 067 502-0988 www.inau.org.ua [3]
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 > GA -- nominations
 > Dear Wolf, dear all,
 > sorry for answering that late, but I just realized that the second
 > part of your mail is about nominations for the GA-elections in
 > Lisbon. I would have expected to see a seperate nomination
 > announcement by staff. But as I understand the nominations have
 > opened since the 27th of May.
 > For the elections in Lisbon -- see draft agenda (point B 9) -- I
 > would like to nominate for a) the Chair: Wolf Ludwig (the
 > and for b) the Secretariat: Yulya Morenets (new - from TaC,
 > and c) the Board: the current Board members (if they wish to
 > or being partly replaced by new members) -- see:
 > Personally I would like to continue on the Board. I am aware that
 > due to my involvement in the Enquête-Commission of the German
 > Parliament I had not much capacities left for EURALO, but as the
 > of the Enquête-Commission has been completed last month, I would
 > to contribute more to EURALO again.
 > All the best
 > Annette
 > Gesendet: Dienstag, 21. Mai 2013 um 22:56 Uhr Von: "Wolf Ludwig"
 > An:
 > euro-discuss at atlarge-lists.icann.org [8] Cc: "At-Large Staff"
 > Betreff: [EURO-Discuss] Final preparations
 > for Lisbon GA -- last inputs needed Dear all, we just completed
 > last monthly call before the upcoming Lisbon GA in June and
 > some last organisational points (among others). Please note: Hotel
 > rooms are booked for all registered participants for 19-20 June or
 > two nights at the Altis hotel (what is the EURALO GA and EuroDIG
 > venue): [2]http://www.altishotels.com/EN/ [9] and
 > As you may have noticed, I circulated a draft of the Board report
 > 2012-13 FYI today what needs to be approved as a regular part of
 > GA. We are on the way to finalize our Agenda for Lisbon with three
 > parts: a) a formal one reflecting usual Bylaw requirements
 > report and re-/elections of officers) b) key and intro speakers
 > (Sébastien, Nigel and Olivier) and c) the *content part* on org.
 > assessment (strength and weaknesses), definition of EURALO’s key
 > themes and priorities, and how to improve and strengthen our
 > involvement in regular activities. Your suggestions for the agenda
 > parts are welcome! See:
 As we need to conduct re-/elections for Officers and functions at
the Lisbon
 > GA (see point 6 of the Board report), we need to follow some
 > procedural requirements fixed in our Bylaws. The regional officer
 > selections will be held at the GA, the proposed schedule, Draft
 > Election Timetable is as follows: 1. Nominations Open: 27 May 2.
 > Nominations Close: 14 June 3. Nomination Acceptance by candidates:
 > or before 18 June 4. Listing of candidates for the GA: Between
 > June 5. Voting Results announced: 19 June at the GA and meeting
 > minutes. Last but not least: Please don’t forget to get
 > for EuroDIG what you have to do by yourself ASAP (some of you did
 > already) to provide some planning security for the organizers –
 > [5]http://www.eurodig.org/eurodig-2012/information/registration
 > Thanks for your support and I am pleased to welcome most of you
 > in Lisbon. Kind regards, Wolf EuroDIG Secretariat
 > [6]http://www.eurodig.org/ [13] mobile +41 79 204 83 87 Skype:
 > Wolf-Ludwig EURALO - ICANN's Regional At-Large Organisation
 > [7]http://euralo.org [14] Profile on LinkedIn
 > [8]http://ch.linkedin.com/in/wolfludwig [15]
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