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Wolf Ludwig wolf.ludwig at comunica-ch.net
Mon Jun 3 17:11:43 UTC 2013

Dear all,

Sandra and I were asked by the EU Commission to circulate this announcement below on the EURALO list:

The European Commission has launched in March 2013 two public consultations, one on the independent report of the High Level Group on Media Freedom and Pluralism and one regarding the independence of the audiovisual regulatory authorities.
The report does not represent nor prejudge the Commission's position, but reflects the views of independent experts. The Commission's objective with this consultation is to gather broad feedback on all recommendations presented by the High Level Group in order to allow for an open debate on media freedom and pluralism within the European Union. This report also evidenced the need for a separate debate regarding the independence of audiovisual regulatory bodies.  Therefore, two consultations are carried out in parallel and are open until 14 June.
You are invited to respond to the consultations which are available in English, French and German on

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