[EURO-Discuss] EURALO re-nomination for the New gTLD Review Group

Mathieu Paapst paapst at advotheek.nl
Fri Jul 20 22:20:23 UTC 2012

Hi all,

On behalf of the Dutch ISOC chapter I can support the nomination of Yrjö.

Kind regards,

Mathieu Paapst LLM
Boardmember ISOC-NL

Wolf Ludwig schreef:
> Dear all,
> some weeks ago, we selected and nominated three representatives from EURALO for the At-Large New gTLD Review Group starting its work this summer: Rudi Vansnick, Adela Danciu and Alexander Kondaurov. In the time between, Rudi was elected to the ISOC Board of Trustees and resigned afterwards to avoid potential conflicts of interests – what is an exemplary step to safeguard the integrity of our community. 
> At our yesterday’s monthly call we discussed this issue and had to re-nominate a candidate from EURALO for this Review Group. Yrjö Länsipuro, ISOC Finland, expressed his willingness to step in what was welcomed and supported unanimously by all participants of the call. For formal reasons, we decided to post Yrjö’s nomination to this list to assure broadest approval from EURALO members. As this re-nomination needs to be approved by ALAC at its upcoming call next Tuesday, we would like to ask you for any further suggestions or additional nominations. If no suggestions or nominations will be posted on this list until next Monday, 23 July, noontime (CEST), Yrjö’s nomination will be considered as approved by our members and confirmed to the ALAC Chair and the Chair of the RG Dev Anand Teelucksingh by Monday evening for the call next day.
> As you may have heard, ICANN received more than 1’900 applications for new gTLDs by the end of May. A listing of those applications you can find at the Review Group Workspace  
> https://community.icann.org/display/newgtldrg/At-Large+New+gTLD+Review+Group+Workspace
> and
> https://community.icann.org/display/newgtldrg/At-Large+new+gTLD+Applications+Dashboard+Workspace
> It was noted yesterday at our call that it could be useful for the Review Group, if RALO members could have a look at the Dashboard and check applicants from their respective countries they might be familiar with. If you have any questions or comments on particular applicants, please contact our representatives in the Review Group.
> Thanks for any support! Otherwise I wish you some relaxing summer holidays ;-). 
> Kind regards,
> Wolf
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