[EURO-Discuss] R: R: Proposal procedure active- non-active ALSes

Christopher Wilkinson cw at christopherwilkinson.eu
Tue Aug 21 18:19:31 UTC 2012

Good evening:

1.	ALAC exercises its mandate as representing the larger community of  
ALS and other At Large.
	ALAC is already a rather small, high level group whose credibility  
depends entirely on their accountability and responsiveness to At  
Large, at large.

2.	Apparently there are busy ALS and less busy ALS in the ICANN  
context. (Bearing in mind that most ALS have other businesses to deal  
with at home.)
	But beware of imposing performance criteria on ALS and threatening  
dis-creditation. It would be better to use ICANN support to reactivate  
or re-prioritise the ALS in question.
3.	Regarding the decision-making process and the 'quorum', few  
decisions need to come to a vote. It would be better to relativise the  
quorum: strong quorum for a few important issues; weaker quorum for  
routine decisions.


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