[EURO-Discuss] Proposal procedure active- non-active ALSes

Rudi Vansnick rudi.vansnick at isoc.be
Wed Aug 8 00:48:31 UTC 2012

Dear board members,

As we see many ALSes in EURALO not being quite active, in a long term not having responded to emails and other communications, we have to be honest and show respect for those having been active all along the road and as such allowing EURALO to still be recognized as part of the ALAC constituency. However, it is clear the number of ALSes is an important factor for ALAC to show interest and participation in the concept of the multi-stakeholder process of ICANN.

Therefor I propose we would act as does the NCUC by sending out an email requesting a response within a certain delay. If no response is received within the given timeframe, the ALS would be put on an "non-active" list. This would also allow us to have a correct quorum and election mechanism. This mechanism is a temporary procedure, not being voted on by the board, but as other decisions has also been taken without explicit approval of the board, I assume this one can also go through.

I'm willing to work out the process of this proposal with timeframe and procedural aspects in order to allow "non-active" ALSes getting back into the active list once they have shown enough interest in the work of EURALO and ALAC.

Just my eurocent idea 

Rudi Vansnick
EURALO board member

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