[EURO-Discuss] Results from the 2nd consultation round on BD selection

Wolf Ludwig wolf.ludwig at comunica-ch.net
Sun Nov 28 18:25:07 UTC 2010

Dear all,

first of all: Let me tell you how deeply impressed I am about this level of responses from our community. This proofs an outstanding capability for mobilisation at EURALO. Within less than 48 hours, 24 of you responded quickly and on short notice on our call for a second consultation round in the At-Large Board Director selection process. And this was even more than we gained in the first round a week ago (19 out of 27). Congratulations to all of you and especially to Annette and Olivier who were very supportive!

I am aware that we need to be thoughtful with this kind of efforts and calls and not overdo it and over-demand our volunteers community with continuous “quick reaction alerts”. As a rule, we will still consider and respect common time lines for feed back and voting of normally ten days. This was rather exceptional like the result.

As the result of the EURALO consultation on the BD candidates – second round – we counted: 

Alan Greenberg 12 votes
Sébastien Bachollet 9 votes
Abstention 3 votes.

As agreed by the EURALO Board at the very beginning of the At-Large BD selection procedure, the Chair will cast a *directed vote* based on the advise and majority in our community. Therefore my vote goes to Alan Greenberg tonight – as resolved by a solid majority of you (and not as tight as in the first round).

The responses by our members were mostly sent to me with Cc. to Matthias Langenegger from At-Large Staff. All votes were listed and compiled by me. A copy of my list was sent to Matthias. In case of any doubts in the diligence of my compilation, the results can be cross-checked with Matthias (who received copies of all).

The result of the 2nd ALAC voting round on the BD candidates will be published by At-Large Staff tomorrow morning.

Thanks again for your support and kind regards,

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