[EURO-Discuss] vote: At-Large Board Director Election

Adam Peake ajp at glocom.ac.jp
Sun Nov 28 14:40:11 UTC 2010

Dear Colleagues,

I have just voted in the second round of the At-Large Board Director 
Election: I voted for Alan.

Direction from the RALO has not been clear-cut.  However, I think we 
should all be pleased that turnout of EU ALS in the first poll was 
high, over 70%.  This is very much to the RALO's credit and a 
reflection of Wolf's good leadership.

We have had problems with this process, but I think we predicted this 
would be the case as a result of the Board's slow decision regarding 
changes to the bylaws.  EURALO has acquitted itself well.  My main 
regret is that we were unable to increase the slate through petition. 
I am sorry Avri and Jean-Jacques were not candidates.

I think Sebastien will be a passionate and highly dedicated At Large 
Director, a strong advocate for many of the principles we believe 
essential to the At Large. However, in considering the skills I think 
necessary for the board I believe Alan would be more be effective in 
building consensus around issues and overall he better meets what I 
consider to the be skill-sets required of a Director, not just an At 
Large representative.

It is difficult to choose between people you like and respect.  It 
was equally difficult in the first round, where I believe Pierre 
would have been an exceptional choice.  I wish both candidates the 
very best of luck and thank all for their hard work and dedication to 
the At Large.



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