[EURO-Discuss] Voting procedure and Results from Round 1 voting for At-Large selected Board Member for seat #15 of ICANN Board

Annette Muehlberg Annette.Muehlberg at web.de
Fri Nov 26 14:13:17 UTC 2010

Dear all,

I am surprised and somehow confused about the current voting procedure for the
At-Large Board director selection. We discussed that we should have a second
round of voting if none of the candidates receives more than 50% of the votes.
I do not understand why we do not finish the EURALO voting procedure and have a
second round of voting. The ALS-voting was intended and conducted under the
premises to enable a directed – based on the preferences of our members – vote
to the EURALO Chair.

Viewing the result, there could be some confusion now: Sébastien is ahead with
one vote (7), followed by Alan (6) and 4 abstentions besides the 2 votes for
Pierre. For the second ALAC voting round – that started today! –, this doesn’t
offer a clear picture and enable guidance for the directed vote of our Chair. He
would have to vote on the basis of a personal interpretation of those votes. Because
there are six votes (abstentions and those for Pierre) that need to be
redirected on the remaining candidates (Sébastien and Alan) – see the EURALO


I think our chair has to get a clear guidance and the EURALO members should
have a chance to express their preferences for the second round and the
remaining candidates until Sunday lunchtime.

Thanks for your support and regards,


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