[EURO-Discuss] Greylisting

Lutz Donnerhacke lutz at iks-jena.de
Mon Nov 8 14:11:45 UTC 2010

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> On Mon, 8 Nov 2010 12:25:37 +0000 (UTC), Lutz Donnerhacke
>> Greylisting is a crude hack to move local problems to the common internet
>> out there. It's one of the most prominent anti-social developments.
> This is slightly OT, but out of personal interest, can you elaborate on
> this ?

All MX where tried even the low priority ones:
 icann.org.		MX	10 pechora4.icann.org.
 icann.org.		MX	10 pechora5.icann.org.
 icann.org.		MX	10 pechora6.icann.org.
 icann.org.		MX	10 pechora7.icann.org.
 icann.org.		MX	10 pechora8.icann.org.
 icann.org.		MX	10 pechora1.icann.org.
 icann.org.		MX	10 pechora2.icann.org.
 icann.org.		MX	10 pechora3.icann.org.

So I have eight connections before the first "real" greylisting comes into
effect. My mail system does not know the time window to retry in advance and
usually failes to hit it withing the first three or four rounds.

Does that stop spammers? No, spammers simply send email twice. So if you not
running greylisting, you get even more spam.

Overall greylisting is used to reduce the system load an the greylisters
side in exchange for lot of additionals ressources at all communication
partners and the whole internet.

Thank you very much!

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