[EURO-Discuss] Your opinion needed on our course of action!

Rudi Vansnick rudi.vansnick at isoc.be
Sun Nov 7 15:04:05 UTC 2010

After consultation of my board members we decided to go for the option C = no petition

Please deny the previous mail in that regards.

Best regards,

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Op 5-nov-2010 44, om 15:29 heeft Wolf Ludwig het volgende geschreven:

> Dear all,
> as you may have realised (according to our previous mailings), there was much and controversial discussion on the recent Announcement of At-Large selected voting Board Director candidates and the fact that the EURALO suggested candidate (Avri Doria) was not considered. The EURALO Board is therefore discussing to take action and to petition on behalf of her -- and perhaps other suitable candidates from Europe who were not considered neither.
> We now need to know your opinions and comments on the following course of action – on the three options:
> a. EURALO to include petition for Avri ONLY.
> b. EURALO to include petition for Avri AND other qualified European candidates like Jean-Jacques Subrenat and Jordi Palet Martinez.
> c. EURALO not to petition at all.
> As we are under considerable time constraints and have to act until Sunday (7 November) latest, your comments are welcome and can be taken into account until tomorrow afternoon (15:00). Thanks for your support and 
> kind regards,
> Wolf
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