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Fri Nov 5 19:29:26 UTC 2010

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for the sake of broader choice and equal chances for qualified
candidates, we prefer Option A: EURALO to include petition for Avri ONLY.

Kind Regards,

Werner Hülsmann

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Wolf Ludwig schrieb:
> Dear all,
> as you may have realised (according to our previous mailings), there
> was much and controversial discussion on the recent Announcement of
> At-Large selected voting Board Director candidates and the fact that
> the EURALO suggested candidate (Avri Doria) was not considered. The
> EURALO Board is therefore discussing to take action and to petition
> on behalf of her -- and perhaps other suitable candidates from Europe
> who were not considered neither.
> We now need to know your opinions and comments on the following
> course of action – on the three options:
> a. EURALO to include petition for Avri ONLY. b. EURALO to include
> petition for Avri AND other qualified European candidates like
> Jean-Jacques Subrenat and Jordi Palet Martinez. c. EURALO not to
> petition at all.
> As we are under considerable time constraints and have to act until
> Sunday (7 November) latest, your comments are welcome and can be
> taken into account until tomorrow afternoon (15:00). Thanks for your
> support and
> kind regards, Wolf
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